Dont People Already Know

Dave Ramsey:
Don’t Most People Already Know?

You talk a lot about budgeting, and how important it is in getting control of your money. But don’t most people already have a good idea of what they’re spending, and how much they have in the bank, without going through all the time and trouble of developing an actual budget? Well, if that were […]

What Does Revival Look Like

What Does Revival Look Like

Author, speaker, and teaching pastor Robert J. Morgan, who has been a guest on The Meeting House program on Faith Radio multiple times, shared some sobering, yet encouraging, words about a unique and challenging time in the history of our nation in a piece for Decision Magazine.  He described an America that “grew economically and […]

Emotional Needs in Couples

Emotional Needs in Couples

There is an extensive list of universal needs for all human beings. These include from basic “surviving” needs like food, air, water, and shelter to relational and emotionally more complex needs, like the need to matter, to be heard, to be understood, dignity, partnership, stability, order, rest, structure, freedom, acceptance, compassion, harmony, protection, play, intimacy, […]

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One Arm Tied
Behind Your Back

“If only…”  I hear women then tell me why they can’t seem to conquer some issue in their lives.  “Maybe when…”  Other ladies then tell me why their fulfillment is postponed, yet again. Where in your life do you feel handicapped to the point where you cannot get past an obstacle that keeps you from […]

Church Love it or Leave it.

Church: Love it or Leave it.

We’re told that there is a trend, especially among younger generations, of people who are saying goodbye to the local church. We’ve heard statistics of those who leave because they no longer believe. But, surprisingly, others leave because they say they want more of God in their lives and the church just isn’t doing it […]

Trusting the Sea to Calm

Trusting the Sea to Calm

She remembers the days because they were the hardest. The days where darkness overtook her thoughts and being. It was beyond darkness. It was an emptiness she almost didn’t return from before because her thoughts went that far – down a hallway where there was no turnaround. And it was years ago.  So for it […]

House of Hope12

Ministry Spotlight:
House of Hope 12

“House of Hope 12” sits next to a barber shop in a near-empty former shopping center off East Main Street in Prattville. The storefronts are empty. The former probation and parole office has moved. And men sitting in chairs getting their hair cut briefly glance up as Tammy Butts walks by. She waves. And then opens […]

Faith at work Laura Hicks 1

Faith at Work:
Laura Hicks

RRJ: Laura, we are thrilled that you are sharing how your faith is at work in the community. Was it a spiritual calling that led you to dedicate your time and service to Palomar Insurance? LH: Without a doubt, God provided this position as Communications Director at Palomar Insurance. After 19 years working in advertising […]

Father Andrew Rowell

Stand Up for the Cross!

Have you ever wondered why we stand up for the bride at the beginning of a wedding? It’s easy to assume that we stand to honor the bride as she arrives, resplendent in beauty. But that’s not actually the reason we leap to our feet. For 2,000 years of Church history, the bride has been […]

Church The Good and the Bad

An Honest View
Of Church

Yesterday, a good rain came through late in the afternoon and beat the temperatures back 5-10 degrees.  Crisp blue skies followed, so we went for a walk where we ran into neighbors and started chatting.  Eventually, our conversation turned to the churches we attend.  Each couple attended a different church and denomination. One of our […]