Ministry Spotlight CEF 4

Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF); Bringing Jesus To A New Generation of Children

The vision of Child Evangelism Fellowship is to guide a new generation that seeks to honor God. Sometimes, when this ministry enters a classroom, it is the only time during the week children are filled spiritually… the only time they hear about Jesus. It is a generation CEF believes is searching – for significance, meaning, […]

new year counselor corner

New Hope for the New Year

2022 is here yet we still live in the shadow of a disrupting “life as we once knew it” virus and its variants. Our faith has been tested as the world is hurting in so many ways now. Now is the time to look toward God for comfort. His word says to find His peace. […]

Women Arising kemi Whats love got to do

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Ah…Valentine’s Day…the celebration of love…ERRRK! Put the brakes on! For many, it’s a day of disappointment in a marriage that leaves us wanting. Or it can be just another day within a boring marriage. But Proverbs 5:19 (CSB) says, “Be happy with the wife you married when you were young.” Or you can reverse this: […]

climb the mountain kym klass

Climbing Your Mountain to Rest

When you’re freed from all that is suffocating you. When you’re done fighting internally. Finished living in survival mode. Sometimes all you can do is rest. When I need to escape and to truly be alone, I head to Ruffner Mountain in Birmingham. I’m not sure why, but I feel an undeniable peace there. I […]

every great marriage

The Great Challenge of Every Marriage

We’ve all heard that marriage was designed to make us holy more than to make us happy. And though it’s a bit of a trite phrase that threatens to force a false dichotomy between holiness and happiness, there is a measure of truth to it. At its best, marriage does, indeed, help us grow in […]

intersection 2021

Trends of Twenty-Twenty-One

At the beginning of each year on The Meeting House program on Faith Radio, I trace some of the top stories impacting the Christian community during the previous year, integrating comments from a variety of guests on the program. As I presented the previous year’s topics, I noticed that there were some common threads among […]

readthis e mediumborder.e89299bb386ac2ef6fa7049d6eb5819d

Read This First
by Gary Millar

Every generation of Christians faces the very same challenge: To learn the Bible for themselves and to teach it to those who follow in their footsteps. This task cannot be willed, it cannot be inherited, it cannot be passed down. Rather, each generation must accept afresh the challenge to honor, to know, and to obey […]

Iron Sharpens Iron web 600x927 1

Friendship and the Grace of God
by Michael Haykin

Most of us are familiar with the term “means of grace.” Means of grace are the ways in which the Holy Spirit works in our lives to lead us into holiness. You might think of them as the “channels” through which sanctifying grace flows from God to his people. Most prominently he does this through […]

faith at work Dale and Rita Entrekin

Faith at Work:
Dale Entrekin, DMD, PC
Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Ever since you were in the fourth grade, you wanted to become a dentist. At that tender age, what inspired you to practice dentistry? Growing up, I spent a lot of time in my dentist’s office. I liked it there. I remember it being a happy place. I trusted everyone there and felt like they […]

pastors perspective encouragement wide

Encouragement Sustains
The Hope We Need

This month’s Pastor’s Perspective is delivered by Rev. Michael Cobb of Dalraida United Methodist Church Francis Gary Powers might as well be the most famous U-2 pilot in history. Set for a secret mission on May 1, 1960, Powers was taking aerial photos of the Soviet Union from 70,000 feet when he was hit by […]