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The Men We Need by
Brant Hansen

Masculinity has become complicated. At least, it has become difficult to be confident about what it means to be a man—to be a man as God has designed men to be. The culture has plenty to say about masculinity that is toxic, but far less to say about masculinity that is good and honoring. We […]

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Health, Wealth and the (Real) Gospel by
Sean DeMars and Mike McKinley

Wherever the true gospel makes inroads, we can be sure that false gospels will follow close behind. Wherever the true gospel begins to win the hearts of men, we can be sure that false gospels will begin to compete with it. And sure enough, one of the most attractive, most deceptive, and most pernicious of […]

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I Wouldn’t Go That Far

Our son is in high school, and he has a part-time job. He makes good grades, and we have always tried to teach him how to save and handle money according to your advice. He has even managed to set aside a few thousand dollars for college. My wife and I were talking the other […]

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We’re All Cracked Up!

Did your parents hide your Easter basket on Easter morning? One year my basket would be hidden in a bottom cabinet behind the pots and pans. Then the next year it might be inside the dryer. I loved finding my basket full of marshmallow peeps, a few Cadbury Eggs, and jelly beans that had sifted […]