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Faith Crusade Montgomery Rescue Mission:
A Fabric of the Family

Stephen Browder tells whoever gives to Faith Crusade Montgomery Rescue Mission that their donation is impactful to the community as a whole. That it helps a ministry serve the poor, the homeless, and even the middle class – those Browder sees as the working poor. Those with beautiful homes, and who come in for food. […]

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A Winsome Strategy to
Win-Some for Jesus
in a Negative World

There has been some rhetorical debate centered on social media regarding the use of the word, “winsome.” gives this definition: “sweetly or innocently charming; winning; engaging…”I believe it’s been said that if you are “winsome,” then, in the Christian sense, you could “win some” to Jesus. In an article by First Things associate editor […]

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These Debt Reduction Strategies
Are a Bad Idea

I’ve been seeing lots of ads lately for debt consolidation companies, debt settlement companies and the HELOC. Are any of these methods for reducing debt a good idea? No. These are all bad ideas when it comes to getting out of debt. There’s a lot of buzz these days surrounding all the “quick” and “easy” […]

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Thinking About Depression:
Back to the Basics

In today’s society, the number of people facing anxiety and depression is growing, compared to that of previous generations.  Even though many people fear the stigma that comes with using anti-depressants, their use is increasing, even among the Christian community.  While many reasons can be attributed to this rise in use of anti-depressants, I would […]

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Beginning, Continuing
and Ending Well

Life is a journey, isn’t it? I have a “BC” – a life Before Christ. Sometimes I may relegate my past as a total waste compared to the Christian life I am leading now. But how does God look at my time before I met Jesus personally? Yes, I was not a model person. I […]

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Why the Local Church
Really Matters

What is the church? Why has God called us into these little communities? Does the local church really matter? It does! The local church is foundational to God’s plan for his people. In their book Church in Hard Places, Mez McConnell and Mike McKinley offer… SIX REASONS the Local Church Matters #1 The local church […]

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Following His Calling…
Despite the Falls

It’s funny, and we usually laugh and joke about it when we read it – “When God put a calling on your life He already factored in your stupidity.” And we say, “Whew, thank goodness for that, right?” and then discuss every part of our lives He has already factored in – even if just […]

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Faith at Work:
Steward Hayles III,
Owner & Realtor Red Tails Realty Group

You and your wife are proud business owners of Red Tails Realty Group. Was it a calling from God to establish a family business? We have always been entrepreneurial-minded, so we thought it was a great idea. We love real estate, and we saw a genuine need and an opportunity for the brokerage. We do […]

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The Air We Breathe How We All Came to Believe in Freedom, Kindness, Progress, and Equality by Glen Scrivener

It seems to me that in the West today we are witnessing an attempt to “dechristianize” our society—to identify and destroy the influence of Christianity wherever it exists. The goal, of course, is to create a society that is post-Jesus and, therefore, post-Christian. Christian sexual morals are now said to be bigotry, Christian understandings of […]

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Pure: Why the Bible’s Plan for Sexuality Isn’t Outdated, Irrelevant, or Oppressive by Dean Inserra

Do you remember the purity movement? Or perhaps it’s better to ask this: How could you possibly forget the purity movement? Though in many ways its aims were noble—sexual purity among teens and young adults—its methods were more than a little suspect and, in the long run, often even harmful. It framed sexual purity as […]