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Engaging the Culture Through the Arts for the Cause of Christ

Dewayne Rembert was in his late teens when he remembers the feel of his first shower. As the water hit the back of his neck, he didn’t know what he had been missing. He grew up without a lot. Some nights, starting in his early teens, there was no food – not even a can […]

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When You Feel Damaged, Invisible, Irrelevant and Ashamed

One day, a friend named Jane sent me the following email: Dear Scott, Can I be honest with you? Can I share with you about some of the demons that haunt me? It feels risky to say these sorts of things to my pastor, but here goes… I doubt my love for Jesus, sometimes I […]

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Pay Debt

Is debt consolidation a good way to get out of debt? No, it’s not. Debt consolidation companies try to position themselves that way, but they don’t even come close to addressing or solving the real problem. Here’s the big reason debt consolidation isn’t a good idea. It makes you feel like you truly did something […]

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Hat Trick

In sports such as hockey or soccer, if a team or individual scores three goals, it has performed what is called a “hat trick.” In the most recent term of the U.S. Supreme Court, there was a “hat trick” that occurred in the arena of religious freedom. In one case, Shurtleff v. Boston, the right […]

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See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

Have you ever seen the picture of three chimpanzees, each using their hands to cover a different part of their heads? One covers its eyes, one covers its ears, and one covers its mouth. The message is that evil lurks around us. To avoid it we must keep our senses from experiencing evil in a […]

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Faith @ Work:
Keiauna Whte

As the owner of BeYOUtiful Boutique in downtown Montgomery, how do you participate in the spiritual life of your community? It is my goal to share/demonstrate the love of Jesus. While prayer is the simplest, although most unnoticed unless done publicly, that is first. Through several drives, partnerships, and personal efforts, we participate in outreach […]

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Times of Refreshing

This month’s Pastor’s Perspective is delivered by Pastor’s Perspective by Matt Albritton, First UMC Wetumpka On Sunday, February 6, 1763, John Wesley wrote in his journal: “Knowing many were greatly tempted on occasion of these occurrences, I preached on 1 Corinthians 10:13, ‘God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you […]

forced stillness

Forced Stillness,
Deeper Breaths

Have you ever been fully stopped, and forced to slow down in your life? To sit so still that your mind, body, and soul relent completely? When you were forced to rest so hard that you had no choice but to cave? To release? To give up both control and power? Nothing did that more […]

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Positive thinking helps our moods, attitudes, and lives. What skills do you need when you feel you have become a negative person?

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Do We Need

Sometimes that question is a no-brainer. We turn on the news or pull it up online and are instantly bombarded with pain and struggle. We’re left working through questions about the meaning of life and why things like [fill in the blank] happen. Yes, we need lots of hope, and we need it fast! Then […]