Don’t Risk It All

My husband is a good, hard-working man, who has been stuck in a job he really doesn’t like for almost 10 years. He came to me the other day with an idea to cash out his 401(k) and use the money to open a business. He has always loved the idea of going into business […]


Parenting Your Adult Children

The 2006 movie Failure to Launch, a movie starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew McConaughey is a comedy, but it shows one of the many issues parents face with their young adult children. Failure to launch is a known struggle when young adults remain dependent on their parents, and parents struggle when their adult children […]


A Biblical Viewpoint

In the January Faith Radio Ministry Magazine, a free publication released four times yearly, I shared an article: Seeing Cultural Trends Through a Biblical Lens. I wrote, “We can recognize the sufficiency of Scripture to speak to not only how we can live our individual lives to the glory of God, as disciples of Jesus […]


The Shepherd’s Staff: Bringing Light and Hope Through Jesus

The mission of The Shepherd’s Staff is to bring light and hope through the truth of Jesus Christ to the broken – especially those in the ranks of the fatherless and the forgotten. It is a ministry that helps through prayer, discipleship, and necessary resources to strengthen families and individuals. The concept for this ministry […]


Pop Quiz on Prayer

Prayer is such an important part of my life that I can’t even imagine one day without it! It was through prayer that I have received physical healing. It is while I prayed that I saw my future husband’s face in my mind and later became Kemi Searcy. Prayer has defied the wiles of Satan, […]


Advice From an Atheist:
Be More Christian, Not Less

Several years ago, I wrote a book about how I’m tired of taking sides. But sometimes taking sides is unavoidable. When faced with Jesus’ claim that He is “the way, the truth, and the life” and that no one comes to God the Father except through Him, we have to choose. Do we believe Him […]


Faith at Work: Cassandra Andrews

What inspired you to dedicate your life to Christ at 16? Cassandra: My oldest sister, Joyce, gave her life to the Lord and invited me to a Bible study. There, I heard the gospel and realized God’s love for me and us all. At that point, I gave my life to Christ and served Him […]


Are We Living in the Last Days? Four Views of the Hope We Share About Revelation and Christ’s Return
by Bryan Chapell

The world is a mess. The world is a mess and seems to be getting messier. I could draw up an inventory of all the wars and conflicts, the diseases and disasters, the rise of immorality and decline of virtue, but that would be to tell you what you have already observed and already know. […]


Choose Better Five Biblical Models for Making Ethical Decisions
by T. David Gordon

Over the course of a lifetime, not to mention over the course of any given month or week, we have to make many decisions. Some of them are consequential and some insignificant, some change the course of our lives and some barely even register. Yet as Christians we know we are responsible before God to […]


Letting Your Voice Be Heard… Wisely

The heart of the godly thinks carefully before speaking… (Proverbs 15:28) Words. A lot of words are said every day. A lot of words are heard every day. And on most days more words are said than heard. We find ourselves in an interesting time in history. But this is not an interesting time because […]