River Region Christians (formerly River Region’s Journey) believes there is one body of Christ-followers. We may meet separately all across the River Region but under Christ’s Lordship and by God’s Spirit we are one. In fact, our unity and love for each other is a sign that we are God’s children.

Being a part of RiverRegionChristians.com should fill your heart with joy as you see God working through your brothers and sisters to build His kingdom here on earth.

You’ll see that in their encouraging posts, the ministry and personal spotlights we share, plus the upcoming events happening inside and outside our church’s walls. You’ll also see it in our Round Table video podcast, Christian directories, and support groups.

Christians need a place to gather with each other, especially with other Christians who don’t match the Christian huddle where we spend most of our time. RiverRegionChristians.com is that place to grow in your faith.

But We’re Also A Safe Place For Those Seeking To Know Christ!

The Bible tells us that God is constantly at work calling people to salvation using His Word, His Spirit, and His children. It’s a path all believers know because we’ve all walked it. If you’re seeking to know more about the hope you can have in Christ, then RiverRegionChristians.com welcomes you. In fact, we even set up this page to help you to find the answers you’re looking for. Please stay and let us know if you need anything.

Together in Christ,

Jason Watson