Do We Need

Sometimes that question is a no-brainer. We turn on the news or pull it up online and are instantly bombarded with pain and struggle. We’re left working through questions about the meaning of life and why things like [fill in the blank] happen. Yes, we need lots of hope, and we need it fast! Then […]


What Things Are Making You
Miss Jesus?

Those super religious guys in the Bible were serious about being amazing followers of God.  I’m sure some were jerks about it as they proudly boasted in their works, but I imagine others were sincere in their efforts to do what they believed was right and honoring to God. Sadly, most all of these missed […]


Do I Have to Go to Church?

Have you ever heard anyone say, “You don’t have to go to church to be a Christian?” Maybe that’s something you said or thought, but is it true? Yes, I think it is true that you can be saved by Christ and not attend church, but you would be missing out on one of the […]


School’s Out!
Now What?

Today I picked our youngest up from her bus stop, and to celebrate the last day of school, we took off to Chipotle for lunch and then to get her favorite, a flavored tea from New Wave.  We hugged and high-fived about her good grades.  She was a bundle of energy as we dreamed of […]


Who Impacted Your Life As A Child?

Can you think of one person in particular who impacted your life as a child?I was a youth minister for 11 years and there were hundreds of kids that came through the church doors each week. As a minister on church staff, I know a lot of those teens appreciated the role I played in […]


We’re All Cracked Up!

Did your parents hide your Easter basket on Easter morning? One year my basket would be hidden in a bottom cabinet behind the pots and pans. Then the next year it might be inside the dryer. I loved finding my basket full of marshmallow peeps, a few Cadbury Eggs, and jelly beans that had sifted […]


New Things Are Coming!

Do you remember a few weeks ago when we got up to about 80 degrees? The sun was out, and the sky was powder blue. I bought a Jeep this year and that was my first chance to take the doors and top off, so you better believe I took advantage of it! Riding down […]


Bored With Jesus

A few years ago, while driving to church, one of our children decided to express thoughts about some of the activities at church and how boring they all were. Afterwards, our other child said, “Well, it is Church, so get used to it.” Isn’t it sad that many adults feel the same way? Would you […]


Are You Dirty?

Have you ever been flyfishing? I enjoy it, especially the environment that surrounds the sport. It’s beautiful and rugged, peaceful and wild. I’ve been fortunate to flyfish in the Colorado Rockies for brown trout, but my main fishing hole is only four hours away on the western edge of North Carolina. A group of us […]


Local Businesses
Making A Difference

I gave up regularly watching television news a few years ago. It was so negative and bombastic, I found it no longer kept me informed without a great deal of bias and fearmongering. In the end, everything is not as it’s reported on TV and the internet. This doesn’t just apply to the government. Often, […]