Pop Quiz on Prayer

Prayer is such an important part of my life that I can’t even imagine one day without it! It was through prayer that I have received physical healing. It is while I prayed that I saw my future husband’s face in my mind and later became Kemi Searcy. Prayer has defied the wiles of Satan, […]


Where Are You Strong?

Chrissy was a fantastic employee. She had almost singlehandedly built her department up from serving 200 clients to 400 clients within a year. She developed ways that the clients would receive unique positive contacts from her employees. She created a database to keep track of client activity so that they could restructure the program if […]


The Concealed Weapon
Are You Locked and Loaded?

I am a “natural” when it comes to making spiritual decrees and declarations. The words contained in the Bible sometimes flow out of me faster than I can even think them! I have personally seen the power of God’s Word come to bear in small situations and in major events. Therefore, I want to be […]


BLIP! Unexpected Bumps in Your Journey

My life is going pretty well. I feel like I’m meeting my goals and addressing my needs. Suddenly, I am surprised by some kind of disturbance, a blip. Perhaps an opportunity comes my way and I have to decide whether to grab it and hold on tight, or dismiss it as a distraction. Another blip […]


Your Anthem of the Day

Did you ever wonder why a song showed up in your head randomly? Maybe, like me, you awoke with an oldie from your teenage years when you listened to music from the top 40. Or perhaps you started humming a tune and spent half the day trying to figure out the words to the song. […]


Regrets? – GONE!

At the beginning of a new year, many of us look back to what we had hoped to accomplish in the last 12 months but we regret that we have failed. I know someone who is stuck…stuck in regrets. At age 40, she has a failed marriage and three kids who she only gets to […]


Drawing Near

Marcia was so busy…she couldn’t possibly accomplish everything needed before Christmas! The baking, the shopping, the decorating, the present wrapping, the social engagements, and the family traditions were in addition to her normal responsibilities at work, at home, with the kids and her husband. And there wasn’t anything she could delegate. She felt overwhelmed like […]


When Saying “Thanks” Is a Lie

Have you ever had someone say to you, “Thanks, a lot!” in a sarcastic tone? They really meant to tell you, “What you did was so wrong, I want to hurt you by saying thanks and not meaning it.” In other words, the person twisted the words into a curse. Perhaps you have experienced this […]


Are You Superstitious?

Of course not! That’s your answer, correct? Let’s be sure! Superstition is based on the ignorant faith in an object having magical powers. Another word for superstition is “idolatry.” The English word for superstition comes from a Latin word, superstito. This word means to “stand over” or to “stand outside of ordinary logic.” Super means […]

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The Multiplier Effect

Are you the woman who feels overwhelmed because your kids are not growing up to be the wonderful children you had dreamed of when you gave birth? Or are you the woman who feels defeated because your current job was supposed to be just one step in a promising career, but has become a dead […]