Got a Grudge?

I went back home to Ghana a few years ago and witnessed two brothers arguing over something that had happened between them decades before. They involved many family members as they carried the grudge through the years. This caused division as each family member rallied to support one of the brothers. I had the opportunity […]


Expressing Love to the Men in Our Lives

February! The month of love culminates on Valentine’s Day. Every woman has a number of men in her life. We usually think of espousal love or boyfriend/girlfriend love during this month, and rightfully so. These types of relationships are designed to be the most meaningful and fulfilling between the opposite sex. But there are also […]


Resolution? No! Revolution!

It’s embarrassing—you look at your journal for the entry on January 1, 2022 to see what resolutions you made. You genuinely wanted these changes in your life and you worked at them and prayed for God’s strength to achieve them. What happened? If you are like me, I fail to achieve most of the aspirations […]


Amazing God! Amazing You!

If you were to look over your life so far, could you find any “amazing” moments? I can recount times when my children were born. And then there’s the amazing story behind my marriage to Kyle Searcy. There are more than 25 ways God revealed His plan for us to marry. Yes, I can testify […]

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Thanksgiving as an Act of Worship

Did your parents teach you the “magic words” when you were young? “Please, thank you, and you’re welcome” were given special status as words that made us polite in society. Little Lachlin, aged 2, says, “tank oo” and “welkum” and “pwease” and we clap our hands in delight. Yet, these words became auto-responses, often without […]

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God Gets an “F” in Math

I don’t know about you, but math was never my favorite subject. My grades were good enough, but a love of math was absent during my school days. I wonder what grade my teachers would give if they saw the answers to the following math quiz. 1 + 1 = 1 2 + 2 + […]

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See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

Have you ever seen the picture of three chimpanzees, each using their hands to cover a different part of their heads? One covers its eyes, one covers its ears, and one covers its mouth. The message is that evil lurks around us. To avoid it we must keep our senses from experiencing evil in a […]


Extra Grace Required

When Ife was thirteen, she looked like a sloppily-dressed, frumpy grandma. She often wore a scarf on her head. Most of the other adolescents at church avoided Ife as she tried to engage everyone, “Hi Tim!’ or “Hi Bella!” Ife had been born with a mental injury to her brain. She drooled, walked slumped to […]

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Beginning, Continuing
and Ending Well

Life is a journey, isn’t it? I have a “BC” – a life Before Christ. Sometimes I may relegate my past as a total waste compared to the Christian life I am leading now. But how does God look at my time before I met Jesus personally? Yes, I was not a model person. I […]

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Marriage’s Dirty Word: Submission

Ahh, June – the time for weddings. June comes in second place as one of the most popular months for nuptials. Sixteen percent of all weddings occur in September, followed by June at fifteen percent. Therefore June is also a month full of anniversaries celebrating those weddings. One topic of particularly heated discussions around marriage […]