Cancer and Mental Health

No one wants to think about cancer, but few of us, whether ourselves, a friend, or a loved one, are untouched by this diagnosis. In fact, when I was researching information online about cancer, the first article was titled, “1.95M People May Be Diagnosed With Cancer in 2023.” The word cancer is unsettling, and I […]


Love and the Four Horsemen

Most of us can recite all or some of the “Love Chapter” from 1st Corinthians 13, and I’ll be honest, I have always found it a bit intimidating. Mainly because when I do the old youth group exercise and put my name in the place where love is, I fall short! I believe part of […]


A New Year…Life’s Mulligan

Please allow me some liberties here because I am not a golfer, but the idea of a “mulligan” has always intrigued me. As I understand it, a mulligan is a “do-over” or a “second chance.” How many of us would like to look back at this past year or even longer and say, “I wish […]

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You Are Worthy of Love

I turned the key in the door and walked into my home. We had just returned from the airport, and it was very late. I turned on the light and immediately noticed a chair was out of place next to a cupboard. Strange. I looked to the right. All the bikes were gone. One of […]


Gratitude in November

Thanksgiving is celebrated tradition­ally in many cultures. The national holiday can be observed through the act of giving thanks and the grateful acknowledgment of divine favor. In the Old Testament, the word giving means: to raise one’s hands to God in gratitude. In addition to being a season to be thankful to God, November is […]


The Dangers of Porn Addiction

Most people are not aware of the seriousness of the problem and the effect that pornography has on relationships. Even the people watching pornography do not realize the pervasiveness of this problem today. They also may not realize the potentially severe negative effects for those who continue to watch pornography. The number of people watching […]



Positive thinking helps our moods, attitudes, and lives. What skills do you need when you feel you have become a negative person?


How Do You Play?

This is a frequent question asked to those who are dealing with depression, anxiety, or any other struggle causing problems in their life.  The question is often met with silence or a blank look on their face.  Do you remember being told, “You need to grow up?”  Sadly, most of us took that to mean […]


Thinking About Depression:
Back to the Basics

In today’s society, the number of people facing anxiety and depression is growing, compared to that of previous generations.  Even though many people fear the stigma that comes with using anti-depressants, their use is increasing, even among the Christian community.  While many reasons can be attributed to this rise in use of anti-depressants, I would […]

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Rest, Reflect, Restore and Reset

Summer is starting, and the 2021-2022 school year has come to an end, allowing for the perfect opportunity to take some time to Rest, Reflect, Restore and Reset. Matthew 11:28 says, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” This scripture talks about rest for the […]