Guilt: True or Toxic

I have often told patients that, “Guilt is the most useless emotion we have unless it leads us to change our behavior.” While this statement contains a grain of truth, it is far too simplified. True, guilt is the emotion we experience when we have done something wrong. It’s the gnawing sense that we have […]


Self-Esteem & Depression

We find ourselves living in challenging times today with many spiritual, psychological, and physiological struggles in almost every part of our lives. A study by the NIMH reports twenty-one million adults (8.4%) in the US have experienced a major depressive episode. While there can be many different causes it might be beneficial to address one […]

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Cultivating Resilience

Whether it is grief, addiction, a broken relationship, debilitating anxiety, or depression, there are parts of us that hurt so bad sometimes we do not know how we will get through another day. The ability to persevere through unimaginable challenges and trauma is resilience. Resilience: Many of us walk through life feeling overwhelmed. We begin […]


A Time for a New Beginning

Entering my office, you are greeted by a picture with a caption reminding us of an important truth: “What appears to be the end, may really be a new beginning.” We are often more focused on the year behind us than the new one which is beginning to blossom before us. Which of these can […]


Coping with Seasonal Depression

The fall and winter seasons have a different meaning for different individuals. For some, fall marks the summer’s end and indicates that cooler weather is on the way. Many love the fall season because of nostalgia, holidays, and new beginnings. While many identify the fall season positively, others define it negatively. When the leaves change […]


Yes, You Play an Important Part

Watching actors on stage bow at the end of a play as the audience applauds and noticing their exuberant faces has always touched me deeply. Knowing there had been many hours of collective effort, I could sense their camaraderie, feel their sense of accomplishment, and see their pride in being part of something bigger than […]

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Time Perspective

How do you manage your time? Most of us manage our day-to-day lives by hours and minutes of the day, functioning around times of appointments, when we need to wake up or leave for work or school. Time is important, but often it is not something we think about deeply, not only for how we […]

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School Anxiety: Parents and Kids

Back to school is a special time for parents and students. During this time, students focus their concerns on several things while parents have a list of their own. Students often worry about academics, social acceptance, or concerns about their own self-perceptions. Parents find themselves downplaying their concerns until summertime winds down, and then they […]

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Why Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

When asked by the Pharisees which is the greatest commandment, Jesus responded by saying, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Mark 12:30-31). I have […]

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Healing Past Hurts Through Theophostic Prayer

The enemy is a liar. You hear his lies in your self-talk and fall victim to his schemes if not careful. The battle is in the mind yet the victory is already won by Christ. The enemy knows this and his only tactic is to deceive you by whispering lies that block you from being […]