The Gender Revolution by Patricia Weerakoon, Kamal Weerakoon and Robert Smith

The Gender Revolution has been written to provide a biblical, biological, and compassionate response to the modern day gender ideology that has been flooding our world and sweeping away so many victims. This errant worldview needs to be countered and this book is their attempt to do so. Yet they make it clear that their […]


Short of Glory: A Biblical and Theological Exploration of the Fall by Mitchell Chase

Every word of the Bible matters. Some sections carry special significance. Some sections are so important that the rest of the Bible cannot be understood apart from them. One of these is the third chapter of Genesis, for it stands between the perfect world of Genesis 2 and the utterly shattered world of Genesis 4. […]


Passport to Heaven: The True Story of a Zealous Morman Missionary Who Discovers the Jesus He Never Knew by Micah Wilder

Micah Wilder was raised in a faithful and devout Mormon home, first in Indiana and then in Utah. Like many young Mormons, he decided to embark on a two-year evangelistic mission. For much of the time he spread the Mormon gospel, telling all who would listen (and many who wouldn’t) that God was restoring the […]


Memorable Loss: A Story of Friendship in the Face of Dementia by Karen Martin

Is it possible for beauty to exist alongside realities as distressing as dementia and as dreadful as death? Is it possible to write about such realities in a way that is both devastating and encouraging, that is both shatteringly sorrowful and heartbreakingly beautiful? Karen Martin’s Memorable Loss: A Story of Friendship in the Face of […]


Reclaiming Masculinity: Seven Biblical Principles for Being the Man God Wants You to Be by Matt Fuller

I always find it interesting to pay attention to trends within Christian publishing. As certain ideologies appear within wider society or as certain questions are brought to the surface, the publishing industry inevitably responds with books on the subject. In the past couple of years, we have seen a good number of titles dealing with […]


Worthy: Living in Light of the Gospel by Sinclair B. Ferguson

There are some Bible verses that seem to go just a little bit too far. “If anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children… he cannot be my disciple” comes to mind, or “rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances.” And then there’s […]


Susannah Spurgeon Lessons for a Life of Joyful Eagerness in Christ by Mary Mohler

I love a good biography when it’s a “standard” or “pure” biography that simply describes a person’s life from beginning to end. But I also love a good biography when it is written purposefully or thematically—when instead of chronologically detailing all the events of a person’s life it provides selective details and draws lessons for […]


The Toxic War on Masculinity by Nancy Pearcey

If there is any word used to describe masculinity in our day, any adjective commonly used to modify it, it is almost invariably “toxic.” We hear almost nothing of positive masculinity or healthy masculinity. But we hear endlessly of its toxicity. It would not be wrong to conclude that society really has no vision for […]


Why Are We Often So Boring?
Reflections on Preaching by Bob Fyall

Sometimes, though, it just goes out and says it. And that’s very much the case with Bob Fyall’s Why Are We Often So Boring? Having dedicated his life to both preaching and training others to preach, he has collected his thoughts and reflections in this small but punchy book. His concern, of course, is that […]


I’m a Christian… Now What?
A Guide to Your New Life with Christby Aaron Armstrong

It is a question I get asked with fair frequency: What book would you recommend for a new Christian? If someone has just made a profession of faith in Christ, what would you suggest they read? The answer changes with the times because the times continue to change, so while there are some issues that […]