The Deconstruction of Christianity What It Is, Why It’s Destructive and How to Respond
by Alisa Childers & Tim Barnett

There is nothing new and nothing particularly unusual about apostasy—about people who once professed the Christian faith coming to deny it. From the early church to the present day, we have witnessed a long and sad succession of people walking away from Christianity and often doing so with expressions of anger, animosity, and personal superiority. […]


A Big Problem You Didn’t Know You Had
by Mike Fabarez

I still remember, and may never forget, the first time I stopped to consider envy. I was reading a book by Os Guinness and was blindsided by a section on that particular sin. I immediately understood that it was prominent in my life and immediately began to take steps to address it. The process took […]


Love the Ones Who Drive You Crazy
by Jamie Dunlop

An election year is upon us and with it all the debate, suspicion, and rancor that is sure to accompany the culmination of another four-year cycle. Though the election is still months away, I’m already dreading the inevitable interpersonal struggles that will come with it and even the strains it may bring to the unity […]


You Are Still a Mother by Jackie Gibson

So many parents are familiar with the agony of losing a child they never truly got to know, yet loved with their whole heart. Writing specifically for mothers who have become members of a club that no one wants to join, Jackie Gibson’s message to them is this: You are still a mother. Jackie and […]


Like A River by Granger Smith

Not too long ago a friend asked me, “Hey, did you hear that Granger Smith is now a student at Southern Seminary?” “No, I hadn’t heard that,” I replied. Then I surreptitiously Googled “Who is Granger Smith?” I learned that he is—or was, at least—a country music singer, and apparently a tremendously successful one. But […]


Does God Care About Gender Identity? by Samuel D. Ferguson

It’s hard to believe, but it was just a very short time ago that nobody believed in gender identity. At least, nobody believed in what the term has come to encompass today. As with so many social phenomena, it came slowly and then all at once. Suddenly it became an accepted “fact” that sex and […]


The Truth About Lies Why Jesus Is More Relevant Than You Think by Mack Stiles

We live in a world of lies, a world in which the truth is so often obscured behind deception and made opaque behind falsehood. Though God is a God of truth, the enemy is a liar who will say anything to lead people astray, a deceiver who will stop at nothing to turn people away […]


Street SmartsUsing Questions to Understand Christianity’s Toughest Challenges by Gregory Koukl

When we speak to people who are not Christians, we have not failed if they make no profession of faith in Jesus Christ. While that may be our ultimate desire for them, a good and noble goal for any spiritual conversation is to simply put a proverbial pebble in their shoe—to give them something to […]


The Devoted Mind Seeking God’s Face in a World of Distraction by Kris Lundgaard

We make a lot of all the distractions that come with life in the modern, always-on, electronic world. And certainly it can be hard to have minds that remain focused for any significant stretch of time before the next beep, the next buzz, the next little burst of dopamine. Yet we do not need to […]

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Short of Glory A Biblical and Theological Exploration of the Fall by Mitchell Chase

Every word of the Bible matters. Some sections carry special significance. Some sections are so important that the rest of the Bible cannot be understood apart from them. One of these is the third chapter of Genesis, for it stands between the perfect world of Genesis 2 and the utterly shattered world of Genesis 4. […]