Moments with Kymm Sep23 RCC

Allowing God to Multiply in My World

After I purchased a new car a couple of years ago, I began seeing it everywhere – when, before the purchase, hadn’t truly given it any thought whatsoever. To be honest, I don’t even like the car. Go figure.Now I see it in every color. I see it in every city I’m in – within […]

moments with kymm RCC Aug23

Letting God Meet You “Right Now”

A friend recently shared a message with me from an author who talked about relationships and how people are only capable of showing up exactly how they are “right now.” That they can only meet us to the extent that they’ve met themselves. And I loved it. It’s easy to think of current or past […]

klass column picture

How Our Father Loves Our Unstitched Selves

There is a small, approximate 3-inch white stuffed bear in my home that I have held on to for almost 35 years. It is a bit faded, and unstitched on the hands – right where the paws would end. The wings once sewn onto the back came off years ago – but they didn’t become […]

Moments with Kymm

Trusting the Hills, Keeping the Faith

There’s a hill by my house when I start my morning runs that is over a mile long. The first half-mile’s incline is noticeable. The second half, and even further up the road, is a continued gradual build. When you get to the top of the first half-mile, you give thanks for the hard part […]

rrc may23 moment with kym peace waiting

A Peace in the Waiting

I could feel – something. There was something more out there for me. It was within my grasp. I felt a shift. A change even in my breathing when I thought about it. There was calm. It wasn’t anything I could rush or figure out on my own. But something was working, stirring. And, to […]

kym klass art

Trusting God with Decisions, Feeling Peace

I never intended to adopt a second dog. The rescue we currently had was a dream: loyal, obedient, protective, and the best addition to a home I could have hoped for. He was a runner – sprinting from the house at any given chance – but Bo was loved, and loved us fiercely in return. […]

MOments with Kym

Learning Boundaries, Following His Path

I’m a giver and a people-pleaser, and if asked to attend a meeting, take on another task, or join a group, I’m quick to say yes. Until recently, when I said no to a meeting on a Saturday at noon. My daughter was home from college, and we had barely seen each other that particular […]

Moments with kym connection

The Importance of Connection

I can count on maybe three fingers the number of times I’ve been without immediate family at Christmas. This year will be the third. My father will be in Florida, and my daughter is traveling abroad with a group from her college. It is such an easy opportunity to tell others you’ll be fine when […]

moments with kym god is there

Remembering God is There Beginning & End

Can you remember a time, or several, when you’ve wondered how you could possibly get through a trial in your life? How you’d get through every step you’d have to take to possibly come out on the other side? And do so victoriously – however, that looks for you. And during this time, during a […]

tattoo bible verses

31:25 Keeping Scripture In Our Hearts

I have tattoos. None that I regret. All that have meaning to me. One symbolizes inner beauty. Another represents losing my mother to breast cancer. Another is an Italian word that symbolizes a 40-plus-year friendship with my best friend. I have a semi-colon, the symbol for suicide awareness. The word Grace. The word Hope. A […]