When You Long to Know the “Why” Behind Your Sorrow

We have a natural longing to know why. It is the question a child first asks her parents. It is the question an inquisitive toddler asks at every turn. It is the question that has spurred a world of exploration, invention, and innovation. Why? It is no surprise, then, that when we encounter troubles, when […]

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If Satan Took Up Marriage Counseling

Every now and again I just can’t help myself—I respond to a clickbait headline and find myself reading an advice column. The question this time was from a woman who had become disillusioned with her husband and enamored with someone else. And as I read the columnist’s response I thought, “I’m pretty sure that’s exactly […]

Let God Prove Himself

Let God Prove Himself

One of the great challenges of the Christian life is to become a giver—and not just a giver, but a cheerful giver.The Bible commends generosity, but generosity that is free fromcompunction or coercion, for “each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful […]

On Letting Your Kids Go

On Letting Your Kids Go

I won’t ever forget the day we dropped Nick at college. We had driven him down to Louisville, Kentucky where he had enrolled in pre-seminary studies at Boyce College. We had helped get his little dorm room all set up. We had dropped by the bookstore and picked up the last of his textbooks. We […]

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Why Should I Go to Church

It’s Saturday night. If you don’t usually attend a church service on the weekend, you may be thinking, Why even bother going to church this Sunday? I don’t know or like any of those people. What would I get out of spending two hours sitting in a pew? Wouldn’t I be better off watching the […]

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Falling Forward: How to Move on After Making a Mistakes

Need help moving forward after a mistake? It’s easy to be consumed by a past mistake and fear there’s no hope for tomorrow. No one should allow their failures to hold them back and hinder them from moving forward. God has a future in store for anyone who accepts His forgiveness. Here are some ways […]

Three Parenting Myths We Are All Tempted To Believe

Three Parenting Myths We Are All Tempted To Believe

God tells each of us that we are responsible to faithfully parent our children, and that ultimately our task is to raise our children to be fellow disciples of Christ. Through his Word he instructs us how to go about so daunting a task. Yet even while God sets the challenge and provides the instruction, […]

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10 Lessons On Parenting Little Ones

For my wife and I, the little years are now behind us. Before it all grows hazy through the inevitable march of time, we decided to think of a few lessons we learned about parenting through the little years. Maybe you will find them helpful. 1 – Remember that their rebellion is first against God, […]

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Should Christians Self Care

Words and phrases come and go. Both within the church and without, they often rise for a while, then quietly slip into decline and disuse. It is an annual tradition for dictionaries to announce the new words they are adding as well as the antiquated ones they are removing. I’ve repeatedly heard the phrase “self-care,” […]

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The Groan and Glory of Our Work

Whether our work is done at home or out in the community, as volunteers or for a paycheck, an essential question has to do with how faith relates to our work. Currently, there is a global, emotional crisis related to work. Most people in the world deeply dislike their work. One Gallup poll revealed that […]