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How to Make A New Year’s Resolution That Sticks

We have all heard the statistics: 50% of people make some kind of new year’s resolution, but 88% of those resolutions ultimately fail. That is more than a little discouraging. But I still believe in new year’s resolutions. I believe in them as a convenient opportunity to evaluate life and to make choices about living […]


CHRISTMAS: The Fairytale That Must Be True

Have you ever stopped, just for a second, and considered the far-fetched claims of Christianity at Christmas time? During this particular holiday, Christians all over the world—millions and millions of them—pause to contemplate a first-century middle eastern infant, mothered by a teenage girl who had never been with a man, born dirt poor and from […]


Thanksgiving Gives Us Eyes for God

When I was 8 years old, I had an eye exam. As I tried to make out the letters on the chart, I got so many wrong that the doctor thought I was joking. But this was no joke; I was very nearsighted. A week later, when I got my first pair of glasses, I […]

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Everything Is Better When Jesus Comes First

Tolkien’s character Gollum obsessively chased and clung to the Ring of Power, which he affectionately called his “Precious,” because he believed it would meet his every need if only he could only hold on to it. The longer that ring remained in his grasp, the more poisoned his soul. Like every idol, like every person […]


Fall Family Fun Guide

Angel FestOctober 15, 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.St. Michael and All angels Church,5941 Main Street, Millbrook.Enjoy entertainment while you browse the booths of renowned local artisans, bid on amazing items for an unbeatable price at the Silent Auction, as the children enjoy the Kids’ Carnival. Don’t miss out on all the great food. Grab a […]


When You Feel Damaged, Invisible, Irrelevant and Ashamed

One day, a friend named Jane sent me the following email: Dear Scott, Can I be honest with you? Can I share with you about some of the demons that haunt me? It feels risky to say these sorts of things to my pastor, but here goes… I doubt my love for Jesus, sometimes I […]


Advice From an Atheist: “Be More Christian, Not Less”

Several years ago, I wrote a book about how I’m tired of taking sides. But sometimes taking sides is unavoidable. When faced with Jesus’ claim that He is “the way, the truth, and the life” and that no one comes to God the Father except through Him, we have to choose. Do we believe Him […]


5 Simple Ways to Teach Your Kids About God

Teaching your kids can feel daunting.But teaching your kids about God can feel downright terrifying. Some feel overwhelmed with time issues. They just don’t see how they can fit something else into their day. Others may not feel as if they have adequate theological training. They feel uncomfortable instructing their kids beyond, “Jesus loves you.” […]


Understanding the True Gospel

The Gospel is more than the “first step in a staircase” of truths. It is better likened to the hub of a wheel, the central reality around which all of life is arranged. It is not a basic truth from which we move on to deeper truths, but is the central truth from which all […]


The Essence of Jesus…
According to Jesus

There may be no better and more complete summary of who Jesus is and what he is like than his seven “I AM” statements from John’s gospel. These seven statements are an autobiography of sorts, as well as a blueprint for how he insists on relating to us – and us to him. I encourage […]