A Biblical Viewpoint

In the January Faith Radio Ministry Magazine, a free publication released four times yearly, I shared an article: Seeing Cultural Trends Through a Biblical Lens. I wrote, “We can recognize the sufficiency of Scripture to speak to not only how we can live our individual lives to the glory of God, as disciples of Jesus […]


Lonely No More

May is commemorated as Mental Health Awareness Month, and it provides an opportunity for those who believe in Jesus Christ to recognize the power of Scriptural principles to help address mental health issues. Last May, the U.S. Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, released an 85-page report on loneliness, described by Forbes magazine as “declaring loneliness a […]

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Staying Posted

A high school student in Whitley County, Kentucky, was aware of mental health struggles that her classmates experienced, and a Faithwire article reported that she decided to do something about it. The article relates: “Our school, along with the middle school, has struggled with suicide,” Sophy Jones told WKYT-TV, referring to her school, Whitley County […]

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A Warm Place

During the recent winter months, amidst freezing temperatures, we were provided an opportunity to remember those who do not have adequate shelter and be thankful for ministries and other organizations who reach out to those without a home. Chris Avell is the pastor of a church called Dad’s Place in Bryan, Ohio. He has a […]

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Topics Impacting Christians in 2023

Each year on The Meeting House program, heard weekdays from 4:00-6:00 p.m. on Faith Radio, I highlight topics impacting the Christian community from the preceding year, including comments from Meeting House guests during the year. In 2023, there was a clear contrast between the Christian worldview perspective and the advance of worldly ideas that are […]

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Three Words

I want you to think with me about three words – sometimes they are used interchangeably, but there are distinctions, I believe. The words are: Spiritual. Religious. Christian. Now, all three can be used to describe a person who is a Bible-believing Christ-follower. But, there are spiritual people who are not even religious, in other […]


Advent Guide: Because of Jesus

Here is a condensed version of this year’s Faith Radio Advent Guide which is found in the Faith Radio Ministry Magazine. Reflect on these daily to enhance your holiday season. 1. I AM FORGIVEN.Colossians 1:14… in whom we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins. 2. I CAN FORGIVE OTHERS.Colossians 3:13b… even as […]


Why Keep Digging?

Recently, some astonishing archaeological discoveries have lent credence to the pages of the Scriptures and provided evidence of the authority of Scripture. I would say that we regularly hear, see, or read of discoveries, in a variety of scientific areas, including archaeology, where there are conclusions that can be drawn that affirm Scripture. Perhaps you’re […]

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In the Arena

The issue of parental rights has been elevated across our country, and we are seeing parents who are appealing to educational authorities and taking hold of their God-given responsibility to do what they see is best for their children. That responsibility involves parents ascertaining that those whom they choose to educate their children are acting […]

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A Crisis of Loneliness

Several months ago on The Meeting House on Faith Radio, I featured a conversation with J.P. DeGance of Communio, which helps strengthen marriages through empowering the Church. Based on a study it had released, he lamented the decline of marriage, which has led to loneliness, as well as fatherlessness. A article on the survey […]