Faith at work June 23

Faith @ Work: Desiree Taylor, Baptist Health

RRC: What is the best thing about being a believer? DT: Having an inner knowing and confidence that all things will work out for my good (Romans 8:28) and that the pages of my life are already written by God (Psalm 139:15-16)! RRC: Why were you passionate about becoming the Marketing Coordinator at Baptist Health […]

Dave Says GenZ and Millennials June 2023

Gen Zers and Millennials in the Workforce

I am the managing partner of a family business. We would like to add to our team, but I’m worried we can’t try to hold millennials and Gen Zers to the same standards as other generations without losing them. How do you feel about this? Listen, I’ve got a building full of Gen Zers and […]

Counselors Corner

Beyond Unfairness to Forgiveness

It seems that, as human beings, we have an instinctual desire for fairness. We can see this in babies a few months old. What one baby has… another wants. Many of us, as parents, realizing how important this is for contentment, try to move heaven and earth to make things fair for our children. As […]

bob article

Restored for God’s Glory

Typically, there are numerous sports offerings on Sunday afternoon television. On Easter Sunday, if you chose not to watch the Masters on CBS or a game from the fledgling XFL, you might have come across something unique on the FS1 network. It was the Bristol Motor Speedway Easter Celebration, which preceded the NASCAR dirt race […]

promise 3

Promise International: A Vision Come to Life

Daniel Tulibagenyi fully surrendered to God’s calling in his life, and on roads and into a part of his past that has opened his eyes to needs beyond what he alone could fill. He questioned, he wondered, but kept following God’s voice, and was soon led to his native Uganda, providing clothing, food, and medical […]

Moments with Kymm

Trusting the Hills, Keeping the Faith

There’s a hill by my house when I start my morning runs that is over a mile long. The first half-mile’s incline is noticeable. The second half, and even further up the road, is a continued gradual build. When you get to the top of the first half-mile, you give thanks for the hard part […]

special focus

Falling Forward: How to Move on After Making a Mistakes

Need help moving forward after a mistake? It’s easy to be consumed by a past mistake and fear there’s no hope for tomorrow. No one should allow their failures to hold them back and hinder them from moving forward. God has a future in store for anyone who accepts His forgiveness. Here are some ways […]

Kemi Searcy

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

There was a time when I was afraid to speak in front of people. I remember vividly being asked to preach at a ministry event. I accepted, but once I was there, I became fearful. I decided to allow someone else to speak. God admonished me by saying that He had a special word that […]

book 2

Susannah Spurgeon Lessons for a Life of Joyful Eagerness in Christ by Mary Mohler

I love a good biography when it’s a “standard” or “pure” biography that simply describes a person’s life from beginning to end. But I also love a good biography when it is written purposefully or thematically—when instead of chronologically detailing all the events of a person’s life it provides selective details and draws lessons for […]

Pastors Perspective

National What Day?

As every American schoolkid knows, June 21st is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. (Actually, it’s the same length as every other day – 24 hours – but you know what I mean.) June 21st has been important since… well… since human beings gazed with wonder into the sky and concluded […]