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Sometimes Helping Means More Than Just Giving

Q. How do you handle a situation where someone needs financial help, but has misspent money you’ve given them in the past? My wife and I have been trying to help a young man we recently met. He told us he was trying to get his life together after a divorce and job loss, and […]

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Practice Balanceto Cope with Effects of Sacrifice

In the Western world, sacrifices are made every day. For example, people sacrifice to attain a specific job, others to live in specific areas, and parents sacrifice for their children. The Bible is riddled with examples of the importance of sacrifice, and there is one example that is significant to all Christians. In the modern […]

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Serving Vulnerable Children and Families in Crisis

Embrace Alabama Kids doesn’t only share the love of Jesus with foster children and families throughout the state, but they make sure they feel safe. And then build on that. “The individuals we serve have been put inunfortunate situations, mostly caused by people who should have loved them,” said Rebecca Morris, the non-profit’s senior VP […]

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Flames of Revival

Certainly, there is concern for the next generation of young people and I think you have to be gratified by what transpired on college campuses several months ago, originating at Asbury University in Kentucky but spreading to other locations. A new Barna Group survey shows that around two-thirds of American teens identify as Christian, as […]

Three Parenting Myths We Are All Tempted To Believe

Three Parenting Myths We Are All Tempted To Believe

God tells each of us that we are responsible to faithfully parent our children, and that ultimately our task is to raise our children to be fellow disciples of Christ. Through his Word he instructs us how to go about so daunting a task. Yet even while God sets the challenge and provides the instruction, […]

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A Peace in the Waiting

I could feel – something. There was something more out there for me. It was within my grasp. I felt a shift. A change even in my breathing when I thought about it. There was calm. It wasn’t anything I could rush or figure out on my own. But something was working, stirring. And, to […]

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10 Lessons On Parenting Little Ones

For my wife and I, the little years are now behind us. Before it all grows hazy through the inevitable march of time, we decided to think of a few lessons we learned about parenting through the little years. Maybe you will find them helpful. 1 – Remember that their rebellion is first against God, […]

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Where Are You Strong?

Chrissy was a fantastic employee. She had almost singlehandedly built her department up from serving 200 clients to 400 clients within a year. She developed ways that the clients would receive unique positive contacts from her employees. She created a data base to keep track of client activity so that they could restructure the program […]

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Faith @ Work: Matthew Wallace
Owner/Broker of Wallace and Moody Realty

RRC: As Pike Road High School’s tennis coach and a volunteer at Century Church with children’s ministry, how do you guide our youth towards Christ? MW: I try to instill in the kids values they can carry with them their whole life. Even when things in their life might appear gloomy, there’s a way to […]

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Why Are We Often So Boring?
Reflections on Preaching by Bob Fyall

Sometimes, though, it just goes out and says it. And that’s very much the case with Bob Fyall’s Why Are We Often So Boring? Having dedicated his life to both preaching and training others to preach, he has collected his thoughts and reflections in this small but punchy book. His concern, of course, is that […]