RRC May From the Publisher

Are You Willing to Live Out the Gospel in Front of Your Kids?

In today’s world, being a parent can feel like being a superhero – you think you need to be perfect all the time. However, Paul David Tripp, in his insightful book “Age of Opportunity”, offers a refreshing perspective that might change the way you think about your role as a parent, especially during the challenging […]


How to Know When You Should Offer Advice/Help

I’m worried about my younger brother, and I need some advice. He’s divorced and has a son, and lately, it seems like he only wants to be a dad when it’s convenient. On top of this, he’s very irresponsible with money for someone in their thirties. Our mom and dad passed away several years ago, […]


Compassion and Support

Look outside! It’s that time of year that we all love. The birds are chirping, the pollen in the air is making us sneeze, and the days are becoming longer. The winter has melted away, but for some, the feeling of winter is still present. For some of us, the winter is a time of […]


Lonely No More

May is commemorated as Mental Health Awareness Month, and it provides an opportunity for those who believe in Jesus Christ to recognize the power of Scriptural principles to help address mental health issues. Last May, the U.S. Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, released an 85-page report on loneliness, described by Forbes magazine as “declaring loneliness a […]


Neighbors Walking Together Towards a Better Community

When Candace Cain moved to Montgomery in 2016, she was reminded often that we are a “sent” people – people called to be good neighbors. And she prayed, dreamed, and imagined a house in Alabama that would serve its neighborhood through walking toward a better community. She sought counsel and approval from the city of […]


Where Are You Strong?

Chrissy was a fantastic employee. She had almost singlehandedly built her department up from serving 200 clients to 400 clients within a year. She developed ways that the clients would receive unique positive contacts from her employees. She created a database to keep track of client activity so that they could restructure the program if […]


What God Wants You To Forget

We are never far from reminding God of our credentials, of providing him with a curriculum vitae that lays out all we are, all we have been through, and all we have accomplished for his sake. We are never far from making the subtle turn from grace to merit, from what is freely given to […]


Faith @ Work with Teresa Treloar

You’ve been teaching for 39 years and are currently a Reading Specialist at Holy Spirit. How does your profession contribute to your spiritual life? Teresa: For 37 years, I worked with Montgomery Public Schools as a 2nd-grade teacher, kindergarten teacher, and reading specialist before retiring from MPS. As teachers, we are given a special gift […]


Ask Pastor John 750 Bible Answers to Life’s Most Important Questions
by Tony Reinke

I admit it: I felt a little skeptical about Ask Pastor John. Yet once I got into this book, once I saw what it is and isn’t, and once I began to actually read it, my skepticism quickly subsided. Perhaps the most important thing to note about Ask Pastor John is that the author is […]


The Anxious Generation How the Great Rewiring of Childhood is Causing an Epidemic of Mental Illness
by Jonathan Haidt

I know I’m getting old and all that, and I’m aware this means that I’ll be tempted to look unfavorably at people who are younger than myself. I know I’ll be tempted to consider what people were like when I was young and to stand in judgment of what people are like today. Yet even […]