Faith @ Work: Sederick Fluker, Executive Director of Montgomery S.T.E.P Foundation

As the Executive Director for Montgomery S.T.E.P. Foundation, what does your position entail? SF: My position entails setting a vision for the organization and helping ensure it fulfills its mission. I’m also in charge of establishing high-impact programs that change the trajectory of life for hundreds of at risk youth S.T.E.P. serves. Lastly, it allows […]


Faith @ Work: Kelly Herring, State Director, CEF of Alabama, Inc., Biblical Counselor

RRC: Who or what helped you understand the person of Jesus Christ? KH: I attended Blue Lake Camp in Andalusia, Alabama, during the summer of my 5th-grade year. My camp counselor, Freida Daughtry Gatewood, shared the Gospel with me, and I prayed to receive Christ. RRC: How did you keep your two daughters, Francie (24) […]

Clyde Chambliss

Faith @ Work: Clyde Chambliss
Chambliss Engineering Alabama State Senator

How does your faith manifest through your civic and business responsibilities as a State Senator? CC: My Lord, Jesus Christ, came to earth as a servant, and we are to follow His example. I fall short daily but strive to remember that what He has done for me dictates that I live my faith and […]

Faith at Work Jan Woods Photo

Faith @ Work: Jan Woods

You were born in Millbrook, then moved to Ohio as a child and lived there for 60 years. What brought you back to Alabama? JW: My family moved to Ohio when I was four years old. I did not want to move away from my grandparents. My family visited during the holidays, and my sister […]

faith at work rhonda thompson

Faith @  Work:
Rhonda Thompson,
Director of The Nehemiah Center

RRC: For two decades, you’ve served as the Director of The Nehemiah Center through First Baptist Church, Montgomery. How did the program evolve? RT: In 2002, the Minister of Community Ministries realized that the needs in the Ch­isholm community were quickly growing. She also realized that the community was vastly underserved and asked me to […]

Faith @ Work Heashot

Faith @  Work:  Douglas  McElvy, Attorney at Law

You candidly shared that during a part of your life, you considered yourself dropping out by choice (with no purpose) while living in a shack and struggling with substance abuse. How did God save you? I more likely would have described myself as pursuing freedom from conformity aided by substance abuse instead of “strug­gling” with […]

Faith at Work K White

Faith @ Work:
Keiauna Whte

As the owner of BeYOUtiful Boutique in downtown Montgomery, how do you participate in the spiritual life of your community? It is my goal to share/demonstrate the love of Jesus. While prayer is the simplest, although most unnoticed unless done publicly, that is first. Through several drives, partnerships, and personal efforts, we participate in outreach […]

F @ Work Aug 22-Jennifer Handey

Faith at Work:
Jennifer Handey

As a second-grade teacher at Trinity Presbyterian School, explain how you bring your faith into the classroom? Sharing my faith flows naturally. I am grateful for the freedom to do so in the classroom. During our class Bible time, I share how the scriptures we read have affected my life. As we share prayer requests […]

Hayles Promo 2021

Faith at Work:
Steward Hayles III,
Owner & Realtor Red Tails Realty Group

You and your wife are proud business owners of Red Tails Realty Group. Was it a calling from God to establish a family business? We have always been entrepreneurial-minded, so we thought it was a great idea. We love real estate, and we saw a genuine need and an opportunity for the brokerage. We do […]

Tonya Speed F@W

Faith at Work: Tonya Speed, Owner of Tonya Speed’s Dance Connection

RRC: For years, you’ve been the proud owner of Tonya’s Speed’s Dance Connection. What led you to establish a business that would positively impact our youth? TS: I’ve had Tonya’s Speed Dance Connection since 1986. As a young dancer growing up, I saw the influence of my dance teachers, which always had a positive impact […]