Faith at Work: Cassandra Andrews

What inspired you to dedicate your life to Christ at 16? Cassandra: My oldest sister, Joyce, gave her life to the Lord and invited me to a Bible study. There, I heard the gospel and realized God’s love for me and us all. At that point, I gave my life to Christ and served Him […]


Faith @ Work with Teresa Treloar

You’ve been teaching for 39 years and are currently a Reading Specialist at Holy Spirit. How does your profession contribute to your spiritual life? Teresa: For 37 years, I worked with Montgomery Public Schools as a 2nd-grade teacher, kindergarten teacher, and reading specialist before retiring from MPS. As teachers, we are given a special gift […]


Faith @ Work with Robert Fike

How were you encouraged to become a Christian at 22? Robert: After making bad choices, I was between a rock and a hard place. One Saturday morning, with no answers to any of my issues, a friend of a friend showed up at my house with the help I needed. After showing Christ to me, […]


Faith @ Work with Thomasina Austin

How did growing up in the church shape you into the woman you are today? Thomasina: Growing up in the church, I saw God’s love in action. Today, I am a person who shows the love of God to others. My house has always been open to feed, house, clothe, encourage, and love people. I […]


Faith @ Work: Eric Morgan

RRC: As the CEO of Prattville Baptist Hospital, how has your career impacted your walk with Christ? Eric: In leadership roles, we should use every opportunity to serve others as Jesus did. As a leader, you have responsibilities and desires to help others. I have the privilege of supporting wonderful teammates who serve our community […]


Faith @ Work: Harvey Starling

RRC: What prompted you to transition to Christianity from being born and raised in the Mormon faith? HS: I did not understand the Baptism for the Dead ceremony I experienced at age 12. By the time I was 14, I had left the church. My mom and a lot of her family still attend the […]


Faith @ Work: Tyffani Frazier

RRC: You were baptized at the age of five. How did you know you wanted to devote yourself to Christ at an early age? TF: I felt a tug on my heart that I wanted to confess to Jesus and become baptized after hearing about how and why I should devote my life to Christ. […]


Faith @ Work with Sam McLure

RRC: As an attorney, how does your faith allow you to have a servant’s heart within the community? SM: The Lord Jesus set the example and gave the instructions for all of his people, no matter our vocation. He humbled himself and was patient in the face of weakness and foolishness. His Father’s glory was […]

Faith @ Work Kim Stinson 1

Faith @ Work with Kim Stinson

RRC: How did your spiritual development and personal faith in Christ come to fruition? KS: For most of my life, my mom took me to church. But sadly enough, the church was not in me. In August 1995 my life changed forever. I remember asking my mom about a young lady from our church because […]

Sept 23 Faith at Work RRC Kim Griffin

Faith @ Work: Kimberly Griffin

How did being raised in the church shape your childhood? KG: My upbringing in the Southern Baptist church instilled a strong sense of community, compassion, and moral values. These principles guide my interactions with both students and colleagues. I believe in treating everyone with respect and kindness, and my faith reminds me of the importance […]