Faith at Work K White

Faith @ Work:
Keiauna Whte

As the owner of BeYOUtiful Boutique in downtown Montgomery, how do you participate in the spiritual life of your community? It is my goal to share/demonstrate the love of Jesus. While prayer is the simplest, although most unnoticed unless done publicly, that is first. Through several drives, partnerships, and personal efforts, we participate in outreach […]

F @ Work Aug 22-Jennifer Handey

Faith at Work:
Jennifer Handey

As a second-grade teacher at Trinity Presbyterian School, explain how you bring your faith into the classroom? Sharing my faith flows naturally. I am grateful for the freedom to do so in the classroom. During our class Bible time, I share how the scriptures we read have affected my life. As we share prayer requests […]

Hayles Promo 2021

Faith at Work:
Steward Hayles III,
Owner & Realtor Red Tails Realty Group

You and your wife are proud business owners of Red Tails Realty Group. Was it a calling from God to establish a family business? We have always been entrepreneurial-minded, so we thought it was a great idea. We love real estate, and we saw a genuine need and an opportunity for the brokerage. We do […]

Tonya Speed F@W

Faith at Work: Tonya Speed, Owner of Tonya Speed’s Dance Connection

RRC: For years, you’ve been the proud owner of Tonya’s Speed’s Dance Connection. What led you to establish a business that would positively impact our youth? TS: I’ve had Tonya’s Speed Dance Connection since 1986. As a young dancer growing up, I saw the influence of my dance teachers, which always had a positive impact […]

Faith at Work Yang

Faith @ Work:
Soo Seok Yang– Attorney, Beasley Allen Law Firm

You and your wife’s parents served as missionaries in Taiwan. How was Christianity rooted in your upbringing? SSY: It started from my mother, who lost her husband (my dad) in her early 30’s. When my dad passed away, I was six and my brother was four. Mom did not know Jesus before getting married because […]


Faith @ Work:
Kesha Shaw, Mary Kay Consultant and Administrative Assistant for Women Impacting and Lifting Lives

You live by one of the most powerful Bible verses, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” How has that scripture influenced your life? Well, I have always been taught this principle by my parents. As a girl, I always stayed close to my mom, and she taught me to love people through […]


Faith @ Work: Jeff Baker,
Jack Ingram Mercedez-Benz

When did you come to realize you needed to be redeemed by the saving work of Christ? I was once an incurable prodigal living a life of duality. I only came to Jesus with my need; never my heart. In January of 2016, I finally began the journey of becoming and being my real self […]


Faith at Work:
Dale Entrekin, DMD, PC
Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Ever since you were in the fourth grade, you wanted to become a dentist. At that tender age, what inspired you to practice dentistry? Growing up, I spent a lot of time in my dentist’s office. I liked it there. I remember it being a happy place. I trusted everyone there and felt like they […]


Faith at Work: Penny Lucas-White

RRC: Thank you for sharing how your faith is at work in the community. Was it a spiritual calling that led you to become the Head Volleyball Coach at ASU PLW: Yes, I believe my purpose in life is to impact, infuse and inspire student-athletes to be the best version of themselves through sport. There […]


Faith at Work: Jeff Holland Jr
Customer Relations Manager,
Reinhardt Lexus

Thank you for sitting down with us today, Jeff! As a Customer Relations Manager, what about your daily occupation confirms you are at the place God wants you to be? I don’t believe my career path to Reinhardt Lexus was a coincidence or by chance. It was a God-sent, although I didn’t know that 20 […]