When Saying “Thanks” Is a Lie

Have you ever had someone say to you, “Thanks, a lot!” in a sarcastic tone? They really meant to tell you, “What you did was so wrong, I want to hurt you by saying thanks and not meaning it.” In other words, the person twisted the words into a curse. Perhaps you have experienced this […]


Are You Superstitious?

Of course not! That’s your answer, correct? Let’s be sure! Superstition is based on the ignorant faith in an object having magical powers. Another word for superstition is “idolatry.” The English word for superstition comes from a Latin word, superstito. This word means to “stand over” or to “stand outside of ordinary logic.” Super means […]

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The Multiplier Effect

Are you the woman who feels overwhelmed because your kids are not growing up to be the wonderful children you had dreamed of when you gave birth? Or are you the woman who feels defeated because your current job was supposed to be just one step in a promising career, but has become a dead […]


Failure Is Your New Asset

Failure is not fun. I have experienced disappointment and sometimes embarrassment when I have failed. If you read my biography, you will see that I am a daring person that will try most anything I believe that I can accomplish. Many of these goals have been successful. But there are those that somehow alluded me […]

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Beginning, Continuing and Ending Well

Life is a journey, isn’t it? I have a “BC” – a life Before Christ. Sometimes I may relegate my past as a total waste compared to the Christian life I am leading now, but how does God look at my time before I met Jesus personally? Yes, I was not a model person. I […]

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Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

There was a time when I was afraid to speak in front of people. I remember vividly being asked to preach at a ministry event. I accepted, but once I was there, I became fearful. I decided to allow someone else to speak. God admonished me by saying that He had a special word that […]

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Where Are You Strong?

Chrissy was a fantastic employee. She had almost singlehandedly built her department up from serving 200 clients to 400 clients within a year. She developed ways that the clients would receive unique positive contacts from her employees. She created a data base to keep track of client activity so that they could restructure the program […]

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You Are Part of a Great Conspiracy

The biggest conspiracy of the ages is one that divides the human race into believers and nonbelievers. The resurrection of Jesus Christ has been explained away by doubters across the ages. The narrative in the Gospels has been confirmed through historical records and writers of the time. However, the conspiracy theory also immediately emerged as […]

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Got a Grudge?

I went back home to Ghana a few years ago and witnessed two brothers arguing over something that had happened between them decades before. They involved many family members as they carried the grudge through the years. This caused division as each family member rallied to support one of the brothers. I had the opportunity […]

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Expressing Love to the Men in Our Lives

February! The month of love culminates on Valentine’s Day. Every woman has a number of men in her life. We usually think of espousal love or boyfriend/girlfriend love during this month, and rightfully so. These types of relationships are designed to be the most meaningful and fulfilling between the opposite sex. But there are also […]