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August 2, 2023

RRC: How has owning H&H Carpets for 30 years impacted your faith and spiritual journey?

Charlie: God has called everyone to work. Owning H&H has impacted my faith by helping me see the faithfulness of God. I got into the flooring business as an installer for about two years. I had an idea to sell flooring 30 years ago and went to Dalton, Georgia. I purchased one roll of carpet with the last few dollars and installed it myself. God has opened doors that I could have never been able to open.

RRC: How has prayer sustained your marriage for over 20 years?

Charlie: Marriage is the most important relationship under God on this earth and the most challenging relationship you can have. Prayer is needed in my marriage because a sinner is married to a sinner. Without God and prayer at the center of my marriage, it can be difficult. Prayer has sustained our marriage through the rough times. My wife and I always reflect on when we prayed for a spouse and heard God’s voice. We focus on the faithfulness of His grace and the goodness of what he gives us when we are obedient, like eternal life, love, joy, peace, children, and health.

RRC: What advice would you give someone who struggles to accept Christ into their life?

Charlie: I did not grow up in the church. At 32, I got saved, and my whole life changed for the better. Until I accepted Christ, nothing ever worked out for me. Life was such a struggle, whether it was relationships, jobs, family, etc. If you are struggling to accept Christ into your life, I would encourage you there is no better decision you will ever make in your life. I can’t tell you that there aren’t challenges and struggles, but when you accept Jesus Christ, your life will never be the same again. Please, don’t waste your life unfilled, dissatisfied, hopeless, beat down. If you want your life to have meaning and purpose, accept Christ and change will start to take place in your life.

RRC: How is your faith restored daily and how did you become grounded in church?

Charlie: My faith gets restored every day through God’s word and prayer. The church is one of the greatest movements of all time and one of the greatest resources God gives us. The church is where washing takes place with Christians. It’s a place to worship, and the greatest thing is being in God’s presence. When you know you are in God’s presence, you want to keep going back. Church is such a valuable tool for Christians and families.

RRC: What is lacking and needed in the community among God’s children?

Charlie: It’s not more churches we need. We need men to stand up and take the lead. We need men to be committed to God, family, and the church. We need men to have more integrity. Integrity should be a vital part of the Christian life. Where the father goes, the family will follow. It’s time for men to be men, and the homes will change.

RRC: What advice would you give someone struggling to find a partner grounded in faith?

Charlie: Do not settle for anything other than God’s best. The most important relationship under God is the relationship with your spouse. Even Christians sometimes get anxious or in a hurry to make a quick decision when we act on our emotions without seeking God first. Hang on, keep praying. Hang on until you hear God’s voice. You do not want to miss God on this one.

RRC: What does integrity mean to you?

Charlie: I will not compromise my integrity for anyone or anything. Integrity is that important to me. My relationship with God is more important to me than anything else. People can manipulate and deceive people, but God knows the truth and the motives of the heart. If we as Christians are accountable to God rather than man, then we won’t have to worry about things people worry about so much. It involves consistency as well as someone who does the right thing.

Charlie Harrelson owns H&H Carpets in Montgomery, AL. Charlie has been married to Kim Harrelson for over 20 years. They have four children together.

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