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October 1, 2021

RRC: We are thrilled you are sharing how your faith is at work in the community. Was it a spiritual calling that led you to become the Property Manager for Legends at Taylor Lakes?

Kim: I do believe it was divine destiny that led me to Legends at Taylor Lakes. Psalms 37:23 says,

“The steps of a good man are ordered by God.”

God has a way of orchestrating things in our lives. I did not seek out my current job. While I was working for another company, a gentleman named Mark walked into my office and asked if I was looking for another job. He said, “I recommended you for a Property Manager position at Taylor Lakes.” Sure enough, God gave me the job, and I have been here for nearly five years with great success.

RRC: What things in your daily work reassure you that you are where God wants you to be?

Kim: As a property manager, I have been challenged and sometimes found myself discouraged. Yet, in the midst of it all, I feel God’s peace. I am learning every day that peace is not the absence of trouble. It is an inner calmness right in the middle of the storm.

RRC: For most of us, we find solace in our faith journey. How does your faith sustain you in continuing to dedicate yourself to your career, even when there are challenges ahead?

Kim: Each day I enter my workspace with a sense of determination.

“The race is not given to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but to the one that endures to the end.”

Ecclesiastes 9:11

Some days are demanding and strenuous, and it gets hard sometimes. But I remember life is a marathon and not a sprint. So even when things are uncertain, I remain steadfast.

RRC: For Christians who struggle to live their faith beyond the church walls, what encouragement would you give them?

Kim: “”Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.” Matthew 5:14

Ask yourself, how would others come to know about the love of Christ? A psalmist wrote that we could be the only Jesus this generation may ever see. Your peers, co-workers, friends, or acquaintances may have only heard about Jesus. People depend on you to show them the love of Christ.

RRC: At the brink of 2020, the world was drastically and unexpectedly affected by the coronavirus crisis. For people who are still having difficulty dealing with it, what is some encouragement within the Christian faith?

Kim: The pandemic has caused fear, anxiety, and stress. It has also been a challenge to our faith. I remember one morning I had a dream brought on by experiencing anxiety. God spoke to me during my dream saying, When darkness is all around you, and you feel weary, feast and meditate on the word of God.

“You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You because he trusts in You.”

Isaiah 26:3

RRC: Being a believer of Christ, there are values that you live by each day. What are the values you carry in your personal and professional life?

Kim: To walk in integrity, be thankful, and care for the needs of others. I truly believe that honesty and fairness are a vital part of being a true example for Christ. I must treat people with kindness. I also live a life of gratitude. I have a passion for people, and I desire to help anyone I can.

RRC: Your faith is a vital part of who you are, and it adds an exciting dimension to your personality. Has your faith grounded you as a person?

Kim: My faith has grounded me as a person, and I believe in God’s word. He has proven Himself to me over and over again. Because I believe in the Bible, I try to align my life with Christ. I depend on Him every day, knowing that there is no way I can make it without Him. He is my source. So, whatever I need, I know I can go to the throne of grace. If I did not have my faith, I would be a sinking ship without a sail.

Kim is married to Michael Stinson, and they have seven children. The couple has been married for 26 years. Kim was born and raised in Union Springs, and her husband is a Montgomery native.

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