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March 31, 2024

How were you encouraged to become a Christian at 22?

Robert: After making bad choices, I was between a rock and a hard place. One Saturday morning, with no answers to any of my issues, a friend of a friend showed up at my house with the help I needed. After showing Christ to me, she introduced me to John Schmidt, a pastor at Frazer Church at the time. Through Carol Ann Nolen’s love for Christ and John’s teaching, I accepted Christ and never looked back.

You mentioned that you had no experience building homes when you became a part of the team at Lowder New Homes in 1996. How did that change your life?

Robert: In 1996, I was waiting tables at Jubilee Seafood and attending school at AUM. Mr. Lowder would bring his family to eat, and I got to know them by serving them. After months of this, Mr. Lowder asked me to come work for him. It was the first of many blessings the Lord has used through the Lowders in my life.

What does demonstrating a servant’s heart mean to you as the acting VP of Internal Operations?

Robert: I take it to heart that my first job at LNH is to serve my boss and ensure I am a good steward with the resources afforded to me. A close second is investing in the staff and helping each become the best person they can be. I pray for the families and try my best to keep the relationship ahead of the work. It’s tough sometimes. I want to be successful and do my best for LNH.

You married and divorced young. What did that process reveal to you which led you to Christ?

Robert: As I was eluding to earlier, I was in a tough place. It was my fault. I was living a life that was leading to death. That’s when Carol Ann came in and explained Christ to me. It was Carol’s love for Christ, not her words, that touched me the most. She was sincere and believed in her heart the truth. She shared the Gospel with me, and I was all in.

How do you view your work as a vocation calling and a duty to God?

Robert: I believe God gave me this platform for a purpose. I was not educated in the construction industry when Mr. Lowder hired me. Fast forward 28 years later, I am still building and have such a great platform to help and love others. The people I have met and the relationships I have built are blessings. I love the construction industry. But, even more, I love the people it allows me to meet each day.

How have your bosses impacted your life through your work?

Robert: Mr. Lowder has been such a blessing to me and my family. He provided the opportunity for me to learn and grow. As the VP of Internal Operations now, I can’t say enough about how the Lowders have blessed my life. My immediate boss, Jimmy Rutland, is just as big of a blessing. He is my boss, and I do all I can for him. He is a loving, God-fearing man who provides a Christ-centered experience in the office. I love that we can pray with and for one another and the entire LNH family. Every meeting starts with a prayer. It is a Christ-centered family, and it starts from the top down.

What has God taught you through interacting with people in the community?

Robert: We are all hurting. We all wear a mask. We all need grace. Remembering this helps me see each person through Christ’s eyes and helps me want to grow closer to them. I am not perfect. I struggle with my flesh daily, but after 28 years of close interaction with so many different people, Christ still teaches me to love people, no matter if they love me back.

What advice would you give someone struggling to become closer to God?

Robert: The word says to draw near to God, and He will draw near to you. Take the first step and start talking to Him. He will show up. He is trustworthy and is always faithful. Day after day, He proves His love, and it amazes me. I have been in a lot of tough spots, and He is always faithful.

When challenging times occur, how do you strive to maintain a Christ-like behavior?

Robert: Every morning I pray, read, and reflect before I leave the house. I remember what God has done in the past in my life, and I trust He will do it again. I tell people to write down the things God has done in their life. When things get tough, Satan loves to tell you that it is over. But when I reflect on His blessing in my life, I receive the peace of Christ and find the courage to take another step.

Robert Fike has been married to Kelly for three years. They have a blended family that consists of: Alex and Austin (31, twins), Anne Katherine (23), Jaylyn (22), Carson (21), and Jax (18).

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