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May 1, 2024

You’ve been teaching for 39 years and are currently a Reading Specialist at Holy Spirit. How does your profession contribute to your spiritual life?

Teresa: For 37 years, I worked with Montgomery Public Schools as a 2nd-grade teacher, kindergarten teacher, and reading specialist before retiring from MPS. As teachers, we are given a special gift from God for love, patience, and a serving heart. We serve God by serving others and need to love our students first as God loves us, with all our faults and sins, and let them know we care about them.

You enjoy serving the community through teaching in education, Sunday School, and a class for first communion. Tell us about these many roles.

Teresa: I started teaching religion education classes, particularly the 2nd grade Formation of Faith classes, to prepare children for First Communion in 1985. I have participated by serving others through singing and playing the guitar in the choir and teaching VBS, Sunday School, and Wednesday night classes. I used to teach parenting classes for kindergarten parents at Fews, Nixon, and Garrett Elementary Schools. I have volunteered with the Spina Bifida Association for many years since Ricky, my son, has Spina Bifida. I have been a leader, assistant leader, and committee member for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts for all the years my children were in them.

As a teacher, you created a prayer wall in your classroom. Can you share a situation in which you witnessed God’s work?

Teresa: My students and colleagues were welcome to put sticky notes with names or situations where prayers were. My students would lead prayers in the morning, and students felt called to ask for prayers for various family members. Students and colleagues knew they could come to my room to ask for prayers, and my students loved taking turns saying the blessing before lunch. I have created bulletin boards at both of my schools in the hallways entitled “How Can I Pray Today?” It lists scripture, intercessions, petitions, thanksgiving, and vocal prayers.

You wear a cross daily. What is the significance to you?

Teresa: During a homily several years ago, our priest said never to be afraid to wear a cross necklace as an outward sign of our faith. I decided that day that I would wear one every day as an outward sign of my beliefs. The cross and prayer gives me comfort, calm me when I am anxious or worried, give me patience when working with little children or adults, reminds me to show kindness to others, and makes me feel secure and safe. The cross is sometimes just a reminder of thankfulness to God for all He does for us every day.

What has God taught you through interacting with people in the community?

Teresa: God has taught me that it’s better to give than receive. I do a lot of volunteering. I tutor students and end the lessons by reading the Study Bible for Kids. My husband, children, and I have worked with church activities like fall and spring festivals, various committees, and youth groups. I am in the choir, a lector, and an extraordinary Eucharistic minister at church. I have helped at Tonya Speed’s Dance Connection since 2020 as a front desk receptionist, but I have been a dance mom there for 17 years, helping with costumes, makeup, and props. When you help and serve others, you do not do it for recognition and rewards, you do it because it’s the right thing to do.

How have you kept God a part of your marriage for 35 years?

Teresa: I met Greg at a St. Bede’s college-age youth group in 1985. We were married in the Catholic church three years later, and we have regularly attended Mass every Sunday for all 35 years of our marriage. When you make God a priority, everything else falls into place. It is a habit and tradition to prioritize worshiping together.

Do you feel helping others is a spiritual calling?

Teresa: Absolutely! When I was five years old, I wanted to be a teacher, and now my children and several former students have followed in my footsteps. Greg and I have sponsored several people joining the Catholic church, children becoming baptized where we served as godparents, and high school students as confirmation sponsors. I was chosen as the 2023 recipient for our parish of the Christ the King award for Shining Christ’s Light by my pastor, Alex. It’s a spiritual calling, and I listen to what God calls me to do.

Teresa Treloar has been married to Greg Treloar for 35 years. They have two children: Rick (23) and Amy (19). They are members of St. Bede Catholic Church.

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