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September 5, 2022

As the owner of BeYOUtiful Boutique in downtown Montgomery, how do you participate in the spiritual life of your community?

It is my goal to share/demonstrate the love of Jesus. While prayer is the simplest, although most unnoticed unless done publicly, that is first. Through several drives, partnerships, and personal efforts, we participate in outreach efforts. Our business has even hosted several food and clothing drives.

Was opening your boutique a spiritual calling?

Yes, although in the beginning, even I didn’t know it. I knew it to be my God-given vision and have always stated that, but I had no idea that it would be a ministry that impacts myself and others.

You endured a terrible car accident and a broken neck injury. How did your faith in God sustain you during that challenging time?

I will never forget the message spoken by my aunt the week before entitled, Why Not Me? As soon as the car landed and I realized what had happened to me, I reached for my cracked phone and turned on my Jesus music. I thought to myself… I’m not sure what will happen, but at least His angels will surround me in the song. Further along in my healing journey, one of my mantras was, Lord, let me be what it is that you intend to show others. I don’t want to blur the vision of those watching and learning from this. I believe that, more times than not, our experiences are for others.

How do you encourage women to become the best version of themselves through Christ?

In my boutique, we cry, dance, laugh, and pray. I encourage women to show up as their best selves, and I do that by sharing myself and my experiences.

What is the God-given vision birthed inside of you?

To build a community of individuals who support, uplift, and celebrate each other, share themselves, and WIN together. You can shop wherever your taste and budget allow. This boutique is far more than a place to swap clothes for cash. My boutique is a platform, a safe place, a happy place.

Does your community always stand behind you during times of need? How?

Oh, my goodness, yes! The entire story behind my changing locations speaks of my community. They showed up one night, moving trucks and all. They moved me from my previous site, and we were open the next day without missing a beat.

What advice would you give to someone who desires to have a relationship with God but struggling with the process?

Start with being consistent in an area. Whether praying or following a particular Bible reading pattern, consistency will form the habit, opening the door for the relationship.

Describe a time you had to trust God and walk by faith or when you sought His guidance for a decision.

The start of the fashion truck was an entire experience. My last prayer to God after searching tirelessly to do what He told me was, Dear Jesus, I know you told me to do this. Well, I think you told me to do this. If I don’t find a truck today, I will stop looking. I will get a job that I’m not passionate about if it’s Your will.

That night, I found an affordable FedEx truck at an online auction in Miami, Florida. I had it brought here and have been rolling ever since. I’m trusting God right now. He has given me the vision, my business is growing, and I am resting in His promises of provision. I’m walking by faith and believe He will send the people I need for my business’s current and future needs.

Do you have any scripture or literature you read and follow?

The Bible first, the Bible app second. I love the reading plans. Sabbath School Quarterly is part of my daily literature.

What valuable lessons have you learned as a business owner?

Two things! Do it right first, or you will have to do it over. It’s always community over competition because relationships matter most.

Keiauna White was born and raised in Montgomery, AL. She’s the mother of three; Kiera (24), Keondre (21), and Kieatre (19).

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