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September 2, 2021

Years ago, I stood in the Capitol City Club, overlooking downtown Montgomery from a window on the 21st floor of the RSA Tower.

It was just minutes before I was scheduled to speak to a group of women about wellness, and a feeling of immense peace overwhelmed me, and I knew I was in the right place at the right time. That my experiences and work led me to that moment. That my vulnerability allowed me to share from within.

That my faith brought me there. To a moment I felt I belonged – to share my heart. One of many testimonies.

Experiences. And to “there,” where I was allowing God to use me from my trials as well as triumphs. I remember sharing with friends, “Do you ever feel you’re in the right place at exact the right moment?”

I could breathe fully.

That was then. Today, I still have those moments. I feel it in my job. I even feel it with others at my job – that they are where they belong. I feel it in my home. With my life. Seeing the grace of God work in such ways that everything feels in its place.

Does it make things easy? No. Growth is part of being where we belong. And growth can be difficult. But growth is where our faith can also deeply develop.

I was still nervous to speak that event. My public-speaking jitters are never far away. But I knew I was there for a reason, and that realization provided the confidence I needed to deliver that evening.

I’ve been blessed with many platforms – maybe ironic, or not, to use the word blessed since the platforms I speak out on follow loss in my family: Cancer. Suicide. But it has opened my circle to include mentors, friends, and people fighting just as hard as I am to bring awareness, to advocate.

If I chose not to use the life God gave me in a way that helps others, I don’t believe I would be able to heal, to serve, to continue dialogue, to let others know that it’s okay to not be okay. Is it easy?

No. This assignment is difficult. Yet, fulfilling.

God doesn’t just call His people to the far reaches of the Earth for His Kingdom. He also equips many servants to support and supply workers and to meanwhile represent Him in their own territory right where they live and work.

Eternal Perspective Ministries

We need to reach the Heavens and have our Father tell us, when we meet, “Well done.”

Find where you belong. Find your “right place at the right time.” Find where you can serve. It doesn’t have to come from a life of hurt. But do allow it to come from a place deep within you that only God can touch. And to a place only God can lead.

You don’t have to stand in a building of more than 20 stories to realize you have found your place. Find it on missions. Find it with children. With ministries throughout the region. Through the grace of God, allow Him to work through you.

Allow Him to lead you to where He feels you need to be. And trust that. I’ve stood in front of groups comprised of as few as seven people, to a crowd of 500, and was at the right place at the right time.

Always shaking – my knees are usually the last to stop. Yet always present.

Allow God to use you in ways you’ve never imagined, even when you feel the impact to be small. You’re never placed in the wrong situation when you let God lead you.

When you trust that everything in your life has been building to a moment of realization that… that, yes. This is why it has happened, why I’m here. This is part of His greater plan.

God has provided everyone a unique platform. What’s yours?

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Kym Klass
Kym Klass has lived in the River Region since 2007. She is the Director of Communications at Frazer Church. She is the author of "One More Day: a powerful true story of suicide, loss and a woman's newfound faith." She serves on the board of directors for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (Alabama), the Samaritan Counseling Center, and the Alabama Coalition Against Rape.

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