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Are We Being the Church?

This month’s Pastor’s Perspective is delivered by Pastor Jason Selman, AIM Church Are we being the Church? This is a question we must ask ourselves as we see world conditions rapidly changing around us. I have attended church faithfully almost my entire life and have seen many evangelistic events, revivals, and good deeds done through […]


Busy by Ian Carmichael

It’s probably more than a little cliché to point out that we are a busy people who live in a busy time. And while we tend to think there is something unique to the modern context that pushes us especially hard toward overwork, as I have read the books of previous eras I have come […]


A Divine Tapestry by Ryan McGraw

Sometimes it’s simple enough to know what a book is, but a little more difficult to know what it’s meant for. Understanding a book’s contents is sometimes a bit simpler than knowing how to use it. And I’d say that’s exactly the case for A Divine Tapestry by Ryan McGraw. A Divine Tapestry is simply […]


Faith @ Work: Sederick Fluker, Executive Director of Montgomery S.T.E.P Foundation

As the Executive Director for Montgomery S.T.E.P. Foundation, what does your position entail? SF: My position entails setting a vision for the organization and helping ensure it fulfills its mission. I’m also in charge of establishing high-impact programs that change the trajectory of life for hundreds of at risk youth S.T.E.P. serves. Lastly, it allows […]


Should Christians Self Care

Words and phrases come and go. Both within the church and without, they often rise for a while, then quietly slip into decline and disuse. It is an annual tradition for dictionaries to announce the new words they are adding as well as the antiquated ones they are removing. I’ve repeatedly heard the phrase “self-care,” […]



Is There Anything
More Beautiful Than He?

Anyone else in the mood to take a drive down winding roads under the beautiful hue of changing leaves? My mother was from East Tennessee and made it a point every October to us back to her hometown so we could take in the beautiful collage of fall colors cascading down the Smokey Mountains. Those […]

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Thankfulness in the Struggle

On October 3, 1863, President Lincoln established Thanksgiving as a national holiday saying, “I do, therefore, invite my fellow-citizens in every part of the United States, and also those who are at sea and those who are sojourning in foreign lands, to set apart and observe the last Thursday of November as a Day of […]

christmas metaphor represented by a manger and crown of thorns.

I Hate Covid!

Covid-19, and what it’s brought, is dreadful! I’ve often thought that it’s good for us to attend a funeral service a few times a year because the clearer picture of life it gives us. Knowing we are not immortal, and that suffering is a regular part of this life causes us to naturally long for […]

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My Secret Weapon:

I’m the tech guru in my house. Not because I know everything about technology. It’s because I bought most of the tech we use. Some of you other fellow tech guru’s know this, but if you’re the family tech guy you get yelled at from other parts of the house. Things like, “Dad, the internet’s […]