YoungLife: Deepening Relationships
with God

As a former Young Life student, Kenyatte Hassell can attest to the profound impact the organization had on his spiritual development – providing him with a supportive community, caring mentors, and opportunities for growth that helped him become a better person. It is an organization he has been involved in for over 30 years – […]

RRC Intersection April

Staying Posted

A high school student in Whitley County, Kentucky, was aware of mental health struggles that her classmates experienced, and a Faithwire article reported that she decided to do something about it. The article relates: “Our school, along with the middle school, has struggled with suicide,” Sophy Jones told WKYT-TV, referring to her school, Whitley County […]

RRC Perspective April

Wins the Prize in Stepfamilies

In the early years of our marriage, I wondered if we would make it to our next anniversary.Blending four children, grappling with our stepparent roles while learning to parent together, combating ex-spouses, and trying to stay afloat with job, church and community obligations seemed impossible. As we celebrated 21 years of marriage recently, I’m thankful […]


If You’re Not Going All In, Stay Out

I have an idea for a small business I think would be a huge success in my area. How do you feel about me keeping my current day job, and hiring a full-time manager for the business to handle the day-to-day operations, while I do the accounting and oversee things? If it doesn’t break even […]


Guilt: True or Toxic

I have often told patients that, “Guilt is the most useless emotion we have unless it leads us to change our behavior.” While this statement contains a grain of truth, it is far too simplified. True, guilt is the emotion we experience when we have done something wrong. It’s the gnawing sense that we have […]


The Concealed Weapon
Are You Locked and Loaded?

I am a “natural” when it comes to making spiritual decrees and declarations. The words contained in the Bible sometimes flow out of me faster than I can even think them! I have personally seen the power of God’s Word come to bear in small situations and in major events. Therefore, I want to be […]


Faith @ Work with Robert Fike

How were you encouraged to become a Christian at 22? Robert: After making bad choices, I was between a rock and a hard place. One Saturday morning, with no answers to any of my issues, a friend of a friend showed up at my house with the help I needed. After showing Christ to me, […]

RRC Pastors Perspective- April

God Makes Much of Meager Offerings

This month’s Pastor’s Perspective is delivered by Father Andrew Rowell, Christchurch Anglican I’ve had two passages from the Bible on my heart for the past few weeks. When read together, they offer a profound reminder that, on the one hand, we can do nothing without God’s help and, on the other, that God will take […]