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June 2, 2021
Pastor Mike Cobb, Dalraida UMC

We are the sum total of moments that have come and gone. Some moments slip by while we wish others would last forever.

Think about a moment in your life, which one stands out? Obviously, it’s in your past, but which one are you drawn to? A moment with family? One with friends? A moment of great joy and laughter? A moment of regret?

What if you could seize that moment and squeeze all the life available within it. Wouldn’t it make sense to want that moment in your future rather than your past? Yes, indeed it would.

Moments are as numerous as the stars in the sky and any one of them could prove to hold divine significance. When you dream, you look for a moment to come. When one is missed, you get a glimpse of an opportunity lost.

But one thing is for certain, of all the moments out there, the one that lies in front of you is the most important because what you do with it will affect every moment to come. Seize it, because time waits for no one.

As the Bible says, moments pass like “the wink of an eye.” Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

Atomos is one of the Greek words from which we get the English word moment. Naturally, its root forms the words atom or atomic, an image of everything hidden within a moment. An atom represents the smallest unit of an element, once considered an irreducible unit. Within the atomic, nuclear capacity is derived from the rapid release of energy in the fission of heavily atomic nuclei. There is a disproportionate power in relationship to size.

When you seize divine moments, you instigate an “atomic-like” reaction. You become a human catalyst having divine impact. The result, let’s just say, can be earthshaking.

How we view God dramatically affects who we become just as the way we understand God to work directly affects the life we live in Him. Even the shift from receiving Jesus to following Jesus is significant. The former allows us to remain stationary as God comes to us; the latter demands our movement with God. That movement is highly dependent on our choosing to respond… the key to unlocking the divine potential of any moment.

If moments are the gate through which our divine journeys begin, each choice centered in God’s love and modeled after His heart paves the way for a grand adventure.

I believe our capacity to choose is perhaps one of the greatest expressions of being created in the image and likeness of God. The most spiritual activity we engage in on a daily basis is simply making choices. All other activities we describe as spiritual (worship, prayer, fasting, meditation, etc.) create space for God to move in our lives as He prepares us to live.

Remember the Garden? Adam could have chosen to eat from any number of trees, enjoying a variety of fruit. Every choice was right but one. As we all know, Adam chose wrong and life went from glory to chaos. Like Adam, our choices plot a course and determine a destination, either moving us toward God, and all the pleasures that come in Him, or steering us away from the life He desires for us to have. Yet, even though Adam ran and hid in guilt and shame, God set out in search of him. What an incredible visual to remember!

We will often get lost in the woods. But God, in His great mercy, still pursues us, inviting us once again to choose Him… to choose the life He offers one moment at a time.

Michael Cobb is pastor of Dalraida United Methodist Church in Montgomery.

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