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March 1, 2024

Most Christian parents begin to pray for their children even before they’re born. The frequency of prayer for our children only intensifies as they grow. We pray for their health and safety, good and moral friends, success in school, the development of godly character and love for God’s Word, and emotional maturity.

Some people have the blessing of seeing their children blossom into the kind of young adult they prayed they would become. But, statistically, more and more young adults are walking away from the spiritual practices of their parents, and they are embracing an increasingly dark secular ideology. Not only are they abandoning the church, but many are also pursuing contrary lifestyles that have taken them into patterns of addiction, abuse in relationships, unhealthy marriages, health issues whether mental or physical, or employment and financial issues.

These problems have one thing in common: Our best response is a spiritual response. Satan has used pride, embarrassment, hopelessness, and wishful thinking to keep Christian parents from praying together. Just as Christians should be engaging in spiritual warfare for the nation, we must also be watchful and engaged on behalf of our adult children and grandchildren. We must continue to fight spiritual battles for their spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and financial well-being.

Beginning at 2PM on Sunday, April 21 River Region parents are meeting quarterly to pray for their adult children and grandchildren at Christchurch Anglican, 8800 Vaughn Road. Each gathering will open with worship before meeting in small groups to pray. At each day of prayer, there will be five groups praying simultaneously for:

  • Salvation/Return to Christ
  • Relationships/Marriage/Other Life Issues
  • Addictions
  • Mental/Emotional
    Physical Health Issues
  • Financial/Jobs/Direction

Days of prayer will also be held on July 21, October 20, and January 26, 2025. For additional information, contact Dcn. Dolly McLemore @ 334-301-3490.

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