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September 1, 2023

Are you the woman who feels overwhelmed because your kids are not growing up to be the wonderful children you had dreamed of when you gave birth? Or are you the woman who feels defeated because your current job was supposed to be just one step in a promising career, but has become a dead end? Or perhaps you are the women who feels depleted because your personal budget is a joke, because what you planned to spend each month is in great need of a reality check? Beside these issues, you are a Christian and therefore you feel you should be able to rise above these challenges.

What should you do when you:

  • don’t have enough faith for your kids;
  • don’t have enough faith for your job;
  • don’t have enough faith for finances?

You need the “multiplier effect!”

First, what is the multiplier effect? God started humanity with one man and quickly added a woman. God blessed them; and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth…” (Genesis 1:28) The goal: to fill the Earth. The plan: make lots of human beings not just enough to replace those who are old and dying. The method: filling the Earth was impossible with a linear strategy but a multiplication proliferation!

Second, what ‘cha got, woman? God is not expecting you to drill up resources all by yourself. When 5000 people traveled to hear Jesus, they were tired before the event started. Then they ran out of food. The disciples came up with two linear addition options. They could send the people away to fend for themselves or they could collect enough money to go to town and shop for food. (Can you imagine how many vendors they would need to supply 5000?)

Jesus jumped to the multiplication effect. He asked, “What ‘cha got?” The disciples must have been embarrassed to show the five loaves and two fish. Jesus wasn’t flustered by the little bit of resources. Just as He wanted to be the disciples’ Source, Jesus wants to be your Source. He is never dismayed with what you bring. He wants to multiply it for the need around you.

You don’t need to strive. Striving is like addition—little by little add the victories, to meet the need. The addition effect would have taken the disciples all day to feed that many people. Jesus multiplied the resources and let the amazed disciples astonish everyone else with the bounty!

The little boy gave his gift to Jesus and He multiplied it. He wants your gifts to multiply them. I know a lady who played a little piano but was afraid to play in front of people. She said, “God, I’m scared. Help my faith to believe I am supposed to use this little bit of talent for You.” The multiplier effect kicked in. She started playing Sundays, eventually played in national events, produced many music albums, and became the music director of the largest church in the city.

Third, what’s the real problem? What do you need to achieve to reach the final goal? How do you obtain the faith to leap forward and not just be scared to take one step? What do you need to do to get the multiplier effect? You must yield and listen to the Spirit through prayer. He changes some words of your prayer so that now you are in agreement with God. That’s when things can really happen!

When a man’s son was possessed by a demon and kept throwing himself in a fire, the father asked Jesus if He could help. Jesus could have just helped keep the boy out of the fire, but the really big issue was that demon. A multiplier effect was needed. But the father’s faith faltered. He asked Jesus to help his unbelief. There it was—the man’s confession was the agreement needed between God and man. Jesus got rid of the demon, and the boy was not just preserved from burning himself, but now had a future.

Women are movers and shakers because of the influence they have over the next generations. Look beyond the current challenge to the destiny beyond it. Build your faith through memorizing the Word. Use it to converse with the Holy Spirit and come into agreement with your God

Acts 9:31: Then the churches throughout all Judea, Galilee, and Samaria had peace and were edified. And walking in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit, they were multiplied.

Go forth, woman of God and engage the Multiplier Effect.

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Kemi Searcy
Pastor Kemi Searcy is a recognized and highly respected pastor, teacher, prayer warrior, and founder and president of Women in Ministry International (WIMI). She is also the co-pastor of the thriving, multi-generational, nondenominational Fresh Anointing House of Worship in Montgomery, AL.

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