Are We Living in the Last Days? Four Views of the Hope We Share About Revelation and Christ’s Return
by Bryan Chapell

The world is a mess. The world is a mess and seems to be getting messier. I could draw up an inventory of all the wars and conflicts, the diseases and disasters, the rise of immorality and decline of virtue, but that would be to tell you what you have already observed and already know. […]


Choose Better Five Biblical Models for Making Ethical Decisions
by T. David Gordon

Over the course of a lifetime, not to mention over the course of any given month or week, we have to make many decisions. Some of them are consequential and some insignificant, some change the course of our lives and some barely even register. Yet as Christians we know we are responsible before God to […]


What God Wants You To Forget

We are never far from reminding God of our credentials, of providing him with a curriculum vitae that lays out all we are, all we have been through, and all we have accomplished for his sake. We are never far from making the subtle turn from grace to merit, from what is freely given to […]


Ask Pastor John 750 Bible Answers to Life’s Most Important Questions
by Tony Reinke

I admit it: I felt a little skeptical about Ask Pastor John. Yet once I got into this book, once I saw what it is and isn’t, and once I began to actually read it, my skepticism quickly subsided. Perhaps the most important thing to note about Ask Pastor John is that the author is […]


The Anxious Generation How the Great Rewiring of Childhood is Causing an Epidemic of Mental Illness
by Jonathan Haidt

I know I’m getting old and all that, and I’m aware this means that I’ll be tempted to look unfavorably at people who are younger than myself. I know I’ll be tempted to consider what people were like when I was young and to stand in judgment of what people are like today. Yet even […]


The Kindness of God Beholding
His Goodness in a Cruel World
by Nate Pickowicz

There is much to love and appreciate about our God, much for which we ought to give him praise and thanks. One of the attributes we may consider too seldom is his goodness, and as an aspect or component of his goodness, his kindness. And that is the subject of Nate Pickowicz’s new book The […]


God’s Grace for Every Family
by Anne Meade Harris

Thirty percent of families in the US are led by a single parent. Nearly nineteen million children have just one parent in their home. And while the actual numbers will vary from nation to nation, most of the Western world experiences something similar—large numbers of families that are led by just one parent. Sometimes the […]


More to the Story Deep Answers to Real Questions on Attraction, Identity and Relationships
by Jennifer Kvamme

It can’t be easy to be a young person today. I suppose it never has been, but it seems that today’s teens and young adults are forced to grapple with especially difficult questions. If that’s true of many different areas, it’s most notably true when it comes to matters of attraction, identity, and relationships. What […]


The Deconstruction of Christianity What It Is, Why It’s Destructive and How to Respond
by Alisa Childers & Tim Barnett

There is nothing new and nothing particularly unusual about apostasy—about people who once professed the Christian faith coming to deny it. From the early church to the present day, we have witnessed a long and sad succession of people walking away from Christianity and often doing so with expressions of anger, animosity, and personal superiority. […]


Four Marks of a Godly Husband’s Love

“Husbands, love your wives” (Ephesians 5:25a). On the one hand it is such a simple statement, a simple command. Simply love. On the other hand there is not a husband in the world who would say that he has mastered it. Behind the simple command is a lifetime of effort, a lifetime of growth. How […]