Street SmartsUsing Questions to Understand Christianity’s Toughest Challenges by Gregory Koukl


The Devoted Mind Seeking God’s Face in a World of Distraction by Kris Lundgaard

We make a lot of all the distractions that come with life in the modern, always-on, electronic world. And certainly it can be hard to have minds that remain focused for any significant stretch of time before the next beep, the next buzz, the next little burst of dopamine. Yet we do not need to […]


When You Long to Know the “Why” Behind Your Sorrow

We have a natural longing to know why. It is the question a child first asks her parents. It is the question an inquisitive toddler asks at every turn. It is the question that has spurred a world of exploration, invention, and innovation. Why? It is no surprise, then, that when we encounter troubles, when […]


Why Keep Digging?

Recently, some astonishing archaeological discoveries have lent credence to the pages of the Scriptures and provided evidence of the authority of Scripture. I would say that we regularly hear, see, or read of discoveries, in a variety of scientific areas, including archaeology, where there are conclusions that can be drawn that affirm Scripture. Perhaps you’re […]


Yes, You Play an Important Part

Watching actors on stage bow at the end of a play as the audience applauds and noticing their exuberant faces has always touched me deeply. Knowing there had been many hours of collective effort, I could sense their camaraderie, feel their sense of accomplishment, and see their pride in being part of something bigger than […]

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Love Them Enough to Teach Them Well

My husband and I are having arguments about money where our children are concerned. They are both 16, and I think they should have part-time jobs and be learning the value of work. He feels they’re only young once and wants them to enjoy being teenagers. He also gives them money anytime they ask. I […]

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Time Perspective

How do you manage your time? Most of us manage our day-to-day lives by hours and minutes of the day, functioning around times of appointments, when we need to wake up or leave for work or school. Time is important, but often it is not something we think about deeply, not only for how we […]

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In the Arena

The issue of parental rights has been elevated across our country, and we are seeing parents who are appealing to educational authorities and taking hold of their God-given responsibility to do what they see is best for their children. That responsibility involves parents ascertaining that those whom they choose to educate their children are acting […]