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Thanksgiving: More Than a Feast!

Did you feel that cold air that came through the area at the end of last month? Around our house, when those first few cold days show up, it’s time for fires in the backyard or screened porch. Sitting around those early fall fires, there’s a sense of warmth and gratitude that stirs within us […]

By Grace Alone RRC OCt23

By Grace Alone

As we land on another month and a fresh new season, I am reminded of the great privilege we have in being part of a community that thrives on faith, hope, and love. That only happens because of the foundation we believe a life should be built upon. Unlike the world, whose measure is one’s […]

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“My Christianity” is Suffering

I don’t know about you, but I have a bad habit of shaping Christianity to match my preferences more than my preferences being shaped by Christianity. When that happens, I live way below the overflowing life God offers me as His child. I miss out! God’s creation is diverse and so are His children. His […]

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God’s Not Mad at You

Our world is full of judgment and condemnation. Cable news and social media are two easy examples. But there are others closer to home. Sadly, this could be your parents, friends, or even spiritual leaders. Here’s the worst part about that… all that judgment and condemnation can wrongly creep into the way you see God […]

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Flying to the Scriptural Truth

In our journey through life, we will face ongoing challenges that seek to shape our thinking and steer us away from God’s truth. The world around us, and our human nature, with its inherent flaws, constantly strive to influence our beliefs and actions. We encounter various sources of influence, such as marketing tactics, news narratives, […]

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Communing Together Draws Us Closer to God

I’m so glad you picked up this month’s issue of River Region Christians because we want to inspire you to draw closer to Christ. I’ve been a Christian for a long time, but on a recent trip with friends I was reminded how important it is to be lifted up in your faith by others. […]

RRC May23 Publishers Note Making Lasting Deposits In Your Children

Making Lasting Deposits In Your Children

I recently have had some health battles that have made me cherish the things that matter the most. So many of you have been through the same or know others who have. Those moments grab you and make you consider the deposits you’ve made in others that will hopefully have a lasting impact. As a […]

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Struck By a Potent Arrow

Are you hoping to be struck by Cupid’s arrow this Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day is often associated with romantic love, but as believers in Christ, we know that love is so much more than just a feeling. In fact, Jesus himself defined love as something that goes beyond emotion and extends to action. That combination […]

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Don’t Forget the True Beauty of Christmas

My family spends a great deal of time on the Gulf enjoying the emerald waters and sugar sand beaches. Like many of you, I grew up making that drive south, passing through small towns and keeping an eye out for the first palm tree. The beach was like entering a different world, and standing knee-deep […]

thanksgiving bound

Giving Thanks
For What Binds Us?

On Thanksgiving… Are we really just thanking God for the things that keep us BOUND IN FEAR? Now, no one will ever make that statement when the family is going around the room sharing the one thing for which they are grateful. At least, we hope not. What a downer that person would be. So, […]