The Shepherd’s Staff: Bringing Light and Hope Through Jesus

The mission of The Shepherd’s Staff is to bring light and hope through the truth of Jesus Christ to the broken – especially those in the ranks of the fatherless and the forgotten. It is a ministry that helps through prayer, discipleship, and necessary resources to strengthen families and individuals. The concept for this ministry […]


Faith at Work: Cassandra Andrews

What inspired you to dedicate your life to Christ at 16? Cassandra: My oldest sister, Joyce, gave her life to the Lord and invited me to a Bible study. There, I heard the gospel and realized God’s love for me and us all. At that point, I gave my life to Christ and served Him […]


Neighbors Walking Together Towards a Better Community

When Candace Cain moved to Montgomery in 2016, she was reminded often that we are a “sent” people – people called to be good neighbors. And she prayed, dreamed, and imagined a house in Alabama that would serve its neighborhood through walking toward a better community. She sought counsel and approval from the city of […]


Faith @ Work with Teresa Treloar

You’ve been teaching for 39 years and are currently a Reading Specialist at Holy Spirit. How does your profession contribute to your spiritual life? Teresa: For 37 years, I worked with Montgomery Public Schools as a 2nd-grade teacher, kindergarten teacher, and reading specialist before retiring from MPS. As teachers, we are given a special gift […]


YoungLife: Deepening Relationships
with God

As a former Young Life student, Kenyatte Hassell can attest to the profound impact the organization had on his spiritual development – providing him with a supportive community, caring mentors, and opportunities for growth that helped him become a better person. It is an organization he has been involved in for over 30 years – […]


Faith @ Work with Robert Fike

How were you encouraged to become a Christian at 22? Robert: After making bad choices, I was between a rock and a hard place. One Saturday morning, with no answers to any of my issues, a friend of a friend showed up at my house with the help I needed. After showing Christ to me, […]


First Choice: Speaking to the Hearts of Moms and Dads

First Choice Women’s Medical Center is not just about being pro-life but also pro-abundant life. Those at the center know that each time a mom chooses life for her baby, she needs a lot of support to bring that baby into the world. “And ultimately, we know the truth is that the greatest need of […]


Faith @ Work with Thomasina Austin

How did growing up in the church shape you into the woman you are today? Thomasina: Growing up in the church, I saw God’s love in action. Today, I am a person who shows the love of God to others. My house has always been open to feed, house, clothe, encourage, and love people. I […]

closet of love

Closet of Love: Providing Compassion and Necessities for Foster Care Children and Families

Sonya Sheets took her passion to care for children and turned it into a growing ministry that offers compassion to those in the foster care program and throughout the department of human resources. Closet of Love, founded in 2019, collects new and gently used infant, child, and teen-related items and gives them to those in […]


Faith @ Work: Eric Morgan

RRC: As the CEO of Prattville Baptist Hospital, how has your career impacted your walk with Christ? Eric: In leadership roles, we should use every opportunity to serve others as Jesus did. As a leader, you have responsibilities and desires to help others. I have the privilege of supporting wonderful teammates who serve our community […]