Faith @ Work with Sam McLure

RRC: As an attorney, how does your faith allow you to have a servant’s heart within the community? SM: The Lord Jesus set the example and gave the instructions for all of his people, no matter our vocation. He humbled himself and was patient in the face of weakness and foolishness. His Father’s glory was […]


Rooftop Friends: Come Ready to be Loved

Rooftop Friends provides caregivers the freedom to sit alone with a cup of coffee, while at the same time, offer joy, laughter, and new “buddies” for children and young adults with disabilities. The ministry of Young Meadows Presbyterian Church in Montgomery serves families by providing respite times for caregivers in conjunction with activities and events […]

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theLAUNCHmission: Finding a Faith Community After High School

Tommy McGregor remembers not connecting well witha Christian community his first couple of years in college –and becoming a self-described wanderer. While he grew up in an ideal Christian environment inhigh school, the transition to college didn’t include the fourmajor influences he believes Christian high school students need to help them grow in their faith: […]

Faith @ Work Kim Stinson 1

Faith @ Work with Kim Stinson

RRC: How did your spiritual development and personal faith in Christ come to fruition? KS: For most of my life, my mom took me to church. But sadly enough, the church was not in me. In August 1995 my life changed forever. I remember asking my mom about a young lady from our church because […]

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Young Adult: Rooted Disciples Who Disciple Others

There is a vibrant world of Young Adult groups in churches that live on faith, friendship – and most importantly, the word of God. They are in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, and use ages in terms of -ish, because they don’t want to exclude anyone from any decade. They work together to dig into […]

Sept 23 Faith at Work RRC Kim Griffin

Faith @ Work: Kimberly Griffin

How did being raised in the church shape your childhood? KG: My upbringing in the Southern Baptist church instilled a strong sense of community, compassion, and moral values. These principles guide my interactions with both students and colleagues. I believe in treating everyone with respect and kindness, and my faith reminds me of the importance […]

Ministry Spotlight 1

Love Loud Montgomery: Meeting Human Needs, Planting Gospel Seeds

Love Loud Montgomery wants their guests to know they arenot only in a safe place but they are heard. LLM can provide more than just nutritional needs;they also help the spirit. Formerly known as Forest Park Ministry Center, Love Loud offers a Client-Choice food pantry helping to feed those living in generational poverty and those […]

F@W Aug23 Charlie Harrelson

Faith @ Work: Charlie Harrelson

RRC: How has owning H&H Carpets for 30 years impacted your faith and spiritual journey? Charlie: God has called everyone to work. Owning H&H has impacted my faith by helping me see the faithfulness of God. I got into the flooring business as an installer for about two years. I had an idea to sell […]

Ministry Spotlight2

HOPES – Helping Our Public Education System

A handful of children walk 100 yards on Atlanta Highwayonce a week during the school year.From Capitol Heights Middle School to First Presbyterian Church.From school to tutoring and fellowship.From academics to “movement breaks” and dinner with their families HOPES – Helping Our Public Education System – oversees this effort. Starting in 2010 as a way […]

Jeremy Morgan F@W

Faith @ Work: Jeremy Morgan, Principal Engineer of Alabama Power Company

RRC: How do you participate in the spiritual life within your community? JM: My wife, Marianne, and I are members of First Baptist Prattville. Whether at the park, the pool, or the gym, we are intentional with the families in our city, striving to help them find connections as we did when we moved here […]