Clyde Chambliss

Faith @ Work: Clyde Chambliss
Chambliss Engineering Alabama State Senator

How does your faith manifest through your civic and business responsibilities as a State Senator? CC: My Lord, Jesus Christ, came to earth as a servant, and we are to follow His example. I fall short daily but strive to remember that what He has done for me dictates that I live my faith and […]


The Community of Hope: Building Trust, Beginning Relationships through Christ

Lou Ann Raughton meets people where they are in their life.To let them know there are others who care. That there is hope. And she works to encourage them through this outreach. She has done this since 2007 with The Community of Hope in Montgomery. As its director, and with volunteers, she reaches others through […]

Ministry Spotlight

The Road to Healing: Broken Hearts

The road in Autaugaville is long, winding, and filled with hope. It is a road to renewal, healing, and mending of broken hearts. It is quiet. Just off County Road 165, a place was created to move men from the “milk to the meat” of God’s Word… to make them committed disciples of Jesus Christ. […]

Faith at Work Jan Woods Photo

Faith @ Work: Jan Woods

You were born in Millbrook, then moved to Ohio as a child and lived there for 60 years. What brought you back to Alabama? JW: My family moved to Ohio when I was four years old. I did not want to move away from my grandparents. My family visited during the holidays, and my sister […]


Life on Wheels: Serving Women, Saving Babies, Sharing Jesus

The mission of Life On Wheels’ is threefold: they use the power of ultrasound to serve women, save babies, and share Jesus. The mobile unit that provides free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, and which serves women throughout the River Region and Birmingham, works to make women feel safe, supported, and loved, offering a three-step process […]

faith at work rhonda thompson

Faith @  Work:
Rhonda Thompson,
Director of The Nehemiah Center

RRC: For two decades, you’ve served as the Director of The Nehemiah Center through First Baptist Church, Montgomery. How did the program evolve? RT: In 2002, the Minister of Community Ministries realized that the needs in the Ch­isholm community were quickly growing. She also realized that the community was vastly underserved and asked me to […]

Street outreach prayer (1)

Advocating for Victims of Sex Trafficking

When Kathryn Guthrie and her team reach out to women who have been sex trafficked, the victims may be so far into a darkness that they often can’t fig­ure out their first step to end the victimization. Through the worthy2 ministry, they are offered guidance in taking that first step. Then, the second. “We do […]

Faith @ Work Heashot

Faith @  Work:  Douglas  McElvy, Attorney at Law

You candidly shared that during a part of your life, you considered yourself dropping out by choice (with no purpose) while living in a shack and struggling with substance abuse. How did God save you? I more likely would have described myself as pursuing freedom from conformity aided by substance abuse instead of “strug­gling” with […]


Engaging the Culture Through the Arts for the Cause of Christ

Dewayne Rembert was in his late teens when he remembers the feel of his first shower. As the water hit the back of his neck, he didn’t know what he had been missing. He grew up without a lot. Some nights, starting in his early teens, there was no food – not even a can […]

Faith at Work K White

Faith @ Work:
Keiauna Whte

As the owner of BeYOUtiful Boutique in downtown Montgomery, how do you participate in the spiritual life of your community? It is my goal to share/demonstrate the love of Jesus. While prayer is the simplest, although most unnoticed unless done publicly, that is first. Through several drives, partnerships, and personal efforts, we participate in outreach […]