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A New Year…Life’s Mulligan

Please allow me some liberties here because I am not a golfer, but the idea of a “mulligan” has always intrigued me. As I understand it, a mulligan is a “do-over” or a “second chance.” How many of us would like to look back at this past year or even longer and say, “I wish […]

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The Community of Hope: Building Trust, Beginning Relationships through Christ

Lou Ann Raughton meets people where they are in their life.To let them know there are others who care. That there is hope. And she works to encourage them through this outreach. She has done this since 2007 with The Community of Hope in Montgomery. As its director, and with volunteers, she reaches others through […]

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Happy Blessing New Year!

When Rick and Melissa Hinnant met, they certainly didn’t represent a sound financial template for a successful marriage. According to, “Melissa was in real estate. Rick had been living on credit cards, trying to start a number of businesses, and was $80,000 in debt.” Rick started from where he was financially to try to […]

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Faith @ Work: Clyde Chambliss
Chambliss Engineering Alabama State Senator

How does your faith manifest through your civic and business responsibilities as a State Senator? CC: My Lord, Jesus Christ, came to earth as a servant, and we are to follow His example. I fall short daily but strive to remember that what He has done for me dictates that I live my faith and […]

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Fight For Your Pastor by Peter Orr

Recently, I shared a review of Michael Kruger’s Bully Pulpit, a book that addresses the problem of heavy-handed leadership or spiritual abuse. And while that issue has received a lot of attention of late, it is important to acknowledge that the great majority of pastors are leading in love and serving their churches well. Hence, […]

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Retractions by Pat Nemmers

I suppose we all have a few memories that cause us to cringe, memories of things we did or things we said that leave shame flooding our minds and little trickles of sweat running down our foreheads. Embarrassing things. Awkward things. Shameful things. Sinful things. Most of us do our best to push these memories […]

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Hope Is a Good Thing

What is the main difference between people who follow your plan, stick with it and succeed, and those who fall off along the way? I’ve walked with thousands of families through financial problems. Some of them were just speedbumps that needed to be smoothed out, while others seemed like mountains. The biggest factor I’ve noticed […]

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Resolution? No! Revolution!

It’s embarrassing—you look at your journal for the entry on January 1, 2022 to see what resolutions you made. You genuinely wanted these changes in your life and you worked at them and prayed for God’s strength to achieve them. What happened? If you are like me, I fail to achieve most of the aspirations […]

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How to Make A New Year’s Resolution That Sticks

We have all heard the statistics: 50% of people make some kind of new year’s resolution, but 88% of those resolutions ultimately fail. That is more than a little discouraging. But I still believe in new year’s resolutions. I believe in them as a convenient opportunity to evaluate life and to make choices about living […]