pastor column July 23

The Rest of the Week

This month’s Pastor’s Perspective is delivered by Mark Bethea, First Baptist Church, Montgomery We have a saying around the house, “What’s the rest of the week look like?” We say it often as we try to navigate through meetings, activities, ballgames, and fun opportunities. It helps us know what’s ahead, but it’s also a reminder […]

Ministry Spotlight2

HOPES – Helping Our Public Education System

A handful of children walk 100 yards on Atlanta Highwayonce a week during the school year.From Capitol Heights Middle School to First Presbyterian Church.From school to tutoring and fellowship.From academics to “movement breaks” and dinner with their families HOPES – Helping Our Public Education System – oversees this effort. Starting in 2010 as a way […]

counselor article

Healing Past Hurts Through Theophostic Prayer

The enemy is a liar. You hear his lies in your self-talk and fall victim to his schemes if not careful. The battle is in the mind yet the victory is already won by Christ. The enemy knows this and his only tactic is to deceive you by whispering lies that block you from being […]

bob article

Good Citizens

One of the areas about which there seems to be no absence of discussion in the Christian community at large has to do with how we are to relate to our country. Regarding our civic involvement, we can recognize that Christians should bring our worldview based on Scripture to every area of life. Words from […]

kemi article

Beginning, Continuing and Ending Well

Life is a journey, isn’t it? I have a “BC” – a life Before Christ. Sometimes I may relegate my past as a total waste compared to the Christian life I am leading now, but how does God look at my time before I met Jesus personally? Yes, I was not a model person. I […]

klass column picture

How Our Father Loves Our Unstitched Selves

There is a small, approximate 3-inch white stuffed bear in my home that I have held on to for almost 35 years. It is a bit faded, and unstitched on the hands – right where the paws would end. The wings once sewn onto the back came off years ago – but they didn’t become […]

Dave Says July 23

Is the Threat of De-Dollarization Real?

I’m hearing more and more about “de-dollarization” and how several countries are moving away from the U.S. dollar as their basis of international trade. Will this affect the strength of the dollar, and should I be concerned about how I’m saving and investing because of this? First and foremost, I care enough about you to […]

medium shot happy parents kid

Why Should I Go to Church

It’s Saturday night. If you don’t usually attend a church service on the weekend, you may be thinking, Why even bother going to church this Sunday? I don’t know or like any of those people. What would I get out of spending two hours sitting in a pew? Wouldn’t I be better off watching the […]

Jeremy Morgan F@W

Faith @ Work: Jeremy Morgan, Principal Engineer of Alabama Power Company

RRC: How do you participate in the spiritual life within your community? JM: My wife, Marianne, and I are members of First Baptist Prattville. Whether at the park, the pool, or the gym, we are intentional with the families in our city, striving to help them find connections as we did when we moved here […]

book 2

Reclaiming Masculinity: Seven Biblical Principles for Being the Man God Wants You to Be by Matt Fuller

I always find it interesting to pay attention to trends within Christian publishing. As certain ideologies appear within wider society or as certain questions are brought to the surface, the publishing industry inevitably responds with books on the subject. In the past couple of years, we have seen a good number of titles dealing with […]