A Crisis of Loneliness

Several months ago on The Meeting House on Faith Radio, I featured a conversation with J.P. DeGance of Communio, which helps strengthen marriages through empowering the Church. Based on a study it had released, he lamented the decline of marriage, which has led to loneliness, as well as fatherlessness. A article on the survey […]


Taking Faith to Work

Gerald Groff was once an employee of a large organization, which expanded its weekly hours to include Sunday shifts. Gerald did not wish to work on Sunday due to religious reasons, so he asked for an accommodation – ultimately, he was rejected. He filed a lawsuit, and according to Christian legal organization, First Liberty, “The […]


Good Citizens

One of the areas about which there seems to be no absence of discussion in the Christian community at large has to do with how we are to relate to our country. Regarding our civic involvement, we can recognize that Christians should bring our worldview based on Scripture to every area of life. Words from […]


Restored for God’s Glory

Typically, there are numerous sports offerings on Sunday afternoon television. On Easter Sunday, if you chose not to watch the Masters on CBS or a game from the fledgling XFL, you might have come across something unique on the FS1 network. It was the Bristol Motor Speedway Easter Celebration, which preceded the NASCAR dirt race […]


Flames of Revival

Certainly, there is concern for the next generation of young people and I think you have to be gratified by what transpired on college campuses several months ago, originating at Asbury University in Kentucky but spreading to other locations. A new Barna Group survey shows that around two-thirds of American teens identify as Christian, as […]


“Call to Prayer”

What the world observed after the night of January 2nd certainly became a moving experience, with a stirring devotion to prayer. Expressions of prayer were commonplace for several weeks after Buffalo defensive back Damar Hamlin went into cardiac arrest and collapsed. WORLD Magazine, on its website, stated: “Almost immediately after the incident, ESPN showed Bills […]

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ChatGPT and the Image of God

A pastor and journalist who spent a number of years leading an Alabama church posed a question in the title of a book he wrote: Who Will Rule The Coming ‘gods’?: The Looming Spiritual Crisis of Artificial Intelligence. These so-called “deities” to which he is referring are technological in nature, and he delves into the […]

The Intersection

2022 in the Rear-View Mirror

I take time near the beginning of a new year on The Meeting House on Faith Radio to review prevalent topics impacting the Christian community from the previous year. Recently, I shared information from 2022, including comments from a variety of guests from the show. No doubt, the year’s top story impacting the Christian community […]

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Happy Blessing New Year!

When Rick and Melissa Hinnant met, they certainly didn’t represent a sound financial template for a successful marriage. According to, “Melissa was in real estate. Rick had been living on credit cards, trying to start a number of businesses, and was $80,000 in debt.” Rick started from where he was financially to try to […]

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A Christmas Adventure: Unwrapping Christmas

The Bible tells us in James 1:17 that, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above.” John 3:16 says: “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son…” God gave! This year’s Faith Radio Advent Guide is built around a consideration of God’s gifts. A topic and Scripture can […]