Dave Ramsey Oct 23

Love Them Enough to Teach Them Well

My husband and I are having arguments about money where our children are concerned. They are both 16, and I think they should have part-time jobs and be learning the value of work. He feels they’re only young once and wants them to enjoy being teenagers. He also gives them money anytime they ask. I […]

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Time Perspective

How do you manage your time? Most of us manage our day-to-day lives by hours and minutes of the day, functioning around times of appointments, when we need to wake up or leave for work or school. Time is important, but often it is not something we think about deeply, not only for how we […]

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theLAUNCHmission: Finding a Faith Community After High School

Tommy McGregor remembers not connecting well witha Christian community his first couple of years in college –and becoming a self-described wanderer. While he grew up in an ideal Christian environment inhigh school, the transition to college didn’t include the fourmajor influences he believes Christian high school students need to help them grow in their faith: […]

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In the Arena

The issue of parental rights has been elevated across our country, and we are seeing parents who are appealing to educational authorities and taking hold of their God-given responsibility to do what they see is best for their children. That responsibility involves parents ascertaining that those whom they choose to educate their children are acting […]


Are You Superstitious?

Of course not! That’s your answer, correct? Let’s be sure! Superstition is based on the ignorant faith in an object having magical powers. Another word for superstition is “idolatry.” The English word for superstition comes from a Latin word, superstito. This word means to “stand over” or to “stand outside of ordinary logic.” Super means […]

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If Satan Took Up Marriage Counseling

Every now and again I just can’t help myself—I respond to a clickbait headline and find myself reading an advice column. The question this time was from a woman who had become disillusioned with her husband and enamored with someone else. And as I read the columnist’s response I thought, “I’m pretty sure that’s exactly […]

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Faith @ Work with Kim Stinson

RRC: How did your spiritual development and personal faith in Christ come to fruition? KS: For most of my life, my mom took me to church. But sadly enough, the church was not in me. In August 1995 my life changed forever. I remember asking my mom about a young lady from our church because […]

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Short of Glory A Biblical and Theological Exploration of the Fall by Mitchell Chase

Every word of the Bible matters. Some sections carry special significance. Some sections are so important that the rest of the Bible cannot be understood apart from them. One of these is the third chapter of Genesis, for it stands between the perfect world of Genesis 2 and the utterly shattered world of Genesis 4. […]

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The Gender Revolution by Patricia Weerakoon, Kamal Weerakoon and Robert Smith

The Gender Revolution has been written to provide a biblical, biological, and compassionate response to the modern day gender ideology that has been flooding our world and sweeping away so many victims. This errant worldview needs to be countered and this book is their attempt to do so. Yet they make it clear that their […]

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Modern Day Parable: The Tale of the Two CEOs

This month’s Pastor’s Perspective is delivered by Rev. Dr. Patrick M. Quinn, Century Church In a world obsessed with market dynamics and profit margins, it’s easy to overlook the spiritual and ethical dimensions of leadership. Yet, as Jesus once taught timeless lessons through simple stories, our modern narratives can offer similar wisdom. Such is the […]