Looking to New Beginnings

“What appears to be the end, may really be a new beginning.” These words greet everyone entering my office to remind us of an important truth. We are often more focused on the year behind us than the new one which is beginning to blossom before us. Which one can we most impact? Have you […]


When Christmas Isn’t Merry

Christmas is this month and it is one of the two most important Christian holidays of the year. It is also a celebrated holiday for those who do not profess to be Christians or who have fallen away from their faith, etc. As Christians, we proclaim, “Jesus is the reason for the season.” We sing, […]


Seeking a Peaceful Mindset

I remember during my late 20s into my mid-30s I felt overwhelmed and most of the time felt anxious about commitments I had to family, friends, work, and church. I was in a constant state of worry and felt unsettled. Over time, being in that state of mind took a toll on my physical body. […]


Where Can We Find
True Hope?

When I first learned that I was to write an article for October, I remember feeling excited and hopeful. Surely, we would be past COVID by then. I envisioned that the article would be full of how we had gotten through this terrible pandemic together. My hope was in the pandemic being over. But we […]

Emotional Needs in Couples

Emotional Needs in Couples

There is an extensive list of universal needs for all human beings. These include from basic “surviving” needs like food, air, water, and shelter to relational and emotionally more complex needs, like the need to matter, to be heard, to be understood, dignity, partnership, stability, order, rest, structure, freedom, acceptance, compassion, harmony, protection, play, intimacy, […]


Counselor’s Corner:
Parenting Help Postpartum mood & Anxiety Disorders

Providing love and unconditional regard for little ones can be a very difficult task. Parents are often required to juggle work, school, parenting, homework, and so much more. Psalm 127:3 says, “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.” Uncovering the beauty and the reward of parenthood can […]


Counselor’s Corner:
Helping Your Teens Through Covid-19 Stress

Here we are, a bit over a year from where COVID entered our lives. Masks, vaccinations, hand sanitizer, social distancing, quarantining; these are things very familiar to all of us. We all have had to adjust, sometimes very quickly, to our new normals; which has led to stress for all of us, in different ways. […]


Counselor’s Corner:
Exercise Your Blues Away

When you start your day depressed, anxious or just not feeling your best, try this for a quick way to remedy your mood. Get out the door and move your body. By doing so, you will be giving yourself the best medicine you have to change a bad emotion to a positive one. We all […]

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The Counselor’s Corner:
The Search for Self Care

If you’ve been conscious during 2020… or really any other year, then stress is a concept you may have encountered. An article written by the American Psychological Association reports that: “One-third of Americans are living with extreme stress and nearly half of Americans (48 percent) believe that their stress has increased over the past five […]