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June 16, 2021
Carl Schimdt, Owner of The Herb Shop

We are thrilled that you’re sharing how your faith is at work in the community. Opening a business from the ground up is no easy task. Was it a spiritual calling that led you to dedicate your time and service to the Herb Shop? What inspired you to open your business?

Carl: Growing up in the South, I experienced horrible seasonal allergies and the side effects of allergy medication. Even with all of the available testing and conventional treatments, nothing seemed to be a long-term fix. In addition, I experienced asthma, recurring bronchitis, kidney stones, migraines, and digestive issues.

Fortunately, I came across a radio show on natural health. My wife and I decided to meet the hosts and embark on a new health approach. Within days of using the recommended supplements and making a few changes in what I drank and ate, I felt amazingly well. With such a vast improvement in my health and after prayerful consideration, we opened our first supplement and wellness consulting store.

Most of us know that our body is our temple, and we should be kind to it. How does your business directly impact your customer’s health, not only in physical ways, but spiritual ways as well?

Carl: Over the years, I’ve learned that the body correlates from spiritual and emotional aspects. After all, health factors often have their roots in deep-seated faith, and emotional issues with diet and moderate lifestyle changes may not benefit until those things are balanced.

A weak immune system often causes a weak mind. It affects our judgment, emotions, and our capacity to withstand stressful situations. I have found that faith, family, and friends are critical to staying balanced and that stress and illness can move someone into isolation and set back your process to better health.

As COVID-19 is still lingering, it’s drastically impacted businesses across the country. What reassures you that you’re at the place God wants you to be, even during a pandemic?

Carl: After consulting with God about opening our first store, we sold our home, most of the furnishings, and rented an apartment to transition into a new career. My wife, Debra, left her real estate sales job and worked in the store while I continued my day job in real estate property management. And after a year, I was able to leave my day job and work in wellness with her. I enrolled in every seminar and lecture I could find, and this was before the internet. With everything we were able to accomplish, we knew it was the right place. And still today, even during the pandemic, we’re blessed to continue opening our doors to the community.

COVID-19 has also drastically affected the health of individuals. What are some health tips?

Carl: Many people don’t question the pattern or trend that their health may have taken long ago. But with the recent pandemic, it is evident that if you are regularly medicated to control blood sugar, blood pressure, aches and pain, sleep, or mood, you are not truly healthy. And it is that lack of health that highly increases how devastating COVID can be for someone. Instead of reaching for a vitamin or herbal potion to prevent or assist in dealing with COVID, people need to understand how we can help assess their health or lack thereof and get on a plan.

Being a Christian in your occupation, it’s evident that you have a heart for people in the community. What are some things on your daily operations that bring you the most joy and why?

Carl: Even after doing wellness care for more than 25 years, I’m still amazed and touched about the life-changing events people experience by implementing my advice. The friendship and faith connections that we have made are a blessing to us every day. From the clients we see to the staff that helps me. I believe that our success is due to our faith and our very loyal and dedicated working staff, who diligently assists with serving the community.

In 1995 Carl Schmidt and his wife, Debra, started their first supplement retail store in Round Rock, Texas. During the summer of 2015, Carl and his family relocated back to Montgomery, due to Carl’s health issues. Since returning, Carl has fostered working relationships with more medical professionals who appreciate the human body’s amazing ability to heal with the right nutrients. The couple has two adopted children.

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