Engaging the Culture Through the Arts for the Cause of Christ

Dewayne Rembert was in his late teens when he remembers the feel of his first shower. As the water hit the back of his neck, he didn’t know what he had been missing. He grew up without a lot. Some nights, starting in his early teens, there was no food – not even a can […]


Forced Stillness,
Deeper Breaths

Have you ever been fully stopped, and forced to slow down in your life? To sit so still that your mind, body, and soul relent completely? When you were forced to rest so hard that you had no choice but to cave? To release? To give up both control and power? Nothing did that more […]


Seasons…and How to Not Judge Them

Do you ever feel the quote, “Never judge someone based on a season” could be your own life advice? Or just something you have to remember to repeat to yourself when you feel called to point out another person’s behavior or decisions? The kind of judgment that is based on what people might notice about […]

samaritan inn 1

Samaritan Inn – A Temporary Lodging Ministry

The family of the truck driver from New York who had a stroke. A father from Saudi Arabia who had a heart attack while flying over Montgomery. Another family who drove from Iowa after relatives had a car accident on their way to the beach. They were all strangers to the Montgomery area, but all […]


Faith Crusade Montgomery Rescue Mission:
A Fabric of the Family

Stephen Browder tells whoever gives to Faith Crusade Montgomery Rescue Mission that their donation is impactful to the community as a whole. That it helps a ministry serve the poor, the homeless, and even the middle class – those Browder sees as the working poor. Those with beautiful homes, and who come in for food. […]


Following His Calling…
Despite the Falls

It’s funny, and we usually laugh and joke about it when we read it – “When God put a calling on your life He already factored in your stupidity.” And we say, “Whew, thank goodness for that, right?” and then discuss every part of our lives He has already factored in – even if just […]


Ministry Spotlight:
His Vessel Ministry

There’s not anything that God would ask of Jo Hancock that she would say no to. So when God truly grabbed hold of her heart as she practiced law, she just fell in love with Him. And she surrendered her life, her practice, her entire self, to serving Him and leading others to Him. “I […]


Learning to Keep Value, Worth in His Hands

Lately, I have been putting my value and worth into the wrong hands. I’ve been looking for accolades through various areas of my life – specifically, from people in my life – and forgetting who I live for, and what I strive to accomplish. How often do we put our identity into what others think? […]


Children’s Hope
Caring for Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Soon after they knew adoption would be their calling, they brought Hope home from the Eastern European country of Moldova. It was a process that Andy said allowed the Lord to show them that not only do they have a heart for orphans, but also for the enormous need of adoption overall. The Birchfields have […]


Compassion, Outreach Needed
for Those with Mental Health Struggles

If you’re reading this, and you’re hurting, you need to know you’re not alone. That there is a God who loves you more than any pain you feel. Even when you feel that empty, that isolated. That numb. When all you can do is stare blindly at a wall. At a muted television. Or swiping […]