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February 2, 2024

RRC: As the CEO of Prattville Baptist Hospital, how has your career impacted your walk with Christ?

Eric: In leadership roles, we should use every opportunity to serve others as Jesus did. As a leader, you have responsibilities and desires to help others. I have the privilege of supporting wonderful teammates who serve our community daily. Working with a dynamic team of people impacts my professional and personal life in a way that shapes me as a leader to continue my personal and professional walk with Christ. There are so many ways to devote your walk to Christ. As a Christian, being open to being taught the truth about Christ, submitting everything in your life to the Lordship of Christ, and gaining strength from Him with all endeavors in life. Through this demonstration of love and service, all draw nearer to Christ.

RRC: Serving at a faith-based organization, what values does Baptist Health extend to the community?

Eric: Our AIM Statement summarizes it well: “Patients First, Compassionate Care, Pursuing Perfection.” We put our patients at the center of every decision in the framework of a faith-based organization. The Montgomery Baptist Association founded our organization many years ago to meet the healthcare needs of our community. This faith-based mission is integral to everything that we do today.

RRC: How does prayer help your day begin positively?

Eric: I find prayer to be centering. It is an intimate opportunity to speak with God, to express adoration and thanksgiving, and to seek wisdom and guidance in decisions. Through prayer, a positive tone for the day is created for productivity and to give others around you grace throughout the day. It also deepens your connection with God and empowers you to face challenging tasks while gaining strength and courage for your day. Prayer allows individuals to deepen their relationship with God and get to know Him.

RRC: How has serving on the Board of Management for the YMCA connected you spiritually to the community?

Eric: I see the missions of the YMCA and Baptist Health to be very closely aligned. Both are faith-based organizations that promote the health and well-being of our community. Serving on this Board with other community leaders allows us to support and advance the mission and outreach of the YMCA and understand unmet needs in our community. The YMCA also hosts many community events focusing on growing spiritually, such as the monthly men’s prayer breakfast.

RRC: How do you view your work as a vocation calling and a duty to God?

Eric: I believe that all people in healthcare are answering a call to serve others. Our team has the privilege of serving others in some of the best experiences of their life, such as the birth of a child. We also have the opportunity to serve our patients and their families in some difficult circumstances as well, such as terminal diagnoses and the loss of a loved one. Through that sacrificial service, our team takes the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

RRC: What advice would you give someone struggling, but desiring to find God and become born again?

Eric: To engage in the regular study of the Bible, attend church regularly, and seek mentorship and guidance from a pastor.

RRC: How do you encourage your teenage children to have a relationship with God?

Eric: My wife and I do this through home Bible study and devotions, regular church and youth group attendance, and by encouraging conversation about hard life topics that point us back to the Word for guidance. There are many ways that parents can encourage their children to have a relationship with God. Make prayer part of the culture in your home, inviting them to be a part of your time with God, developing a habit of reading the Word and modeling His mercy and grace.

RRC: How does serving at your church help you continue being a dedicated Christian despite challenges in life?

Eric: The Bible is clear about corporate worship and serving others in the church. We all have different spiritual gifts and should use them to serve, particularly in the church. I think giving your time in service to the church helps carry out the mission and demonstrate an act of obedience that draws us closer to Jesus.

Eric Morgan is married to Miranda Morgan since 2005. They have two children, Chase (15) and Jesse (13). The family lives in Prattville.

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