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May 1, 2022

Can you think of one person in particular who impacted your life as a child?
I was a youth minister for 11 years and there were hundreds of kids that came through the church doors each week. As a minister on church staff, I know a lot of those teens appreciated the role I played in their lives, but for most of them, the person that had the greatest impact was a volunteer who gave up their time to share the love of Jesus with them.

Young people are impressionable because they haven’t seen everything. They say babies’ minds are like sponges, but that doesn’t end when they move into adolescence. It’s just another phase of learning new things about life and themselves. Guides are crucial in these stages.

Added to this is the fact that children aren’t as respected and hold no authority. Who are they that an adult outside of their family would invest in their lives while expecting nothing in return? These things combine to make a powerful impact for good in a child’s life. When that good is rooted in the love of Christ and His hope, a blessing is sown that will reap a harvest for years to come. Even to future generations.

Each May we publish our Vacation Bible School Guide found on page 18. Children love going to Vacation Bible School for the reasons I mentioned above and because it’s full of games, singing, crafts and lots of fun. If you have children make sure you find a VBS they can attend. Also, offer to take their friends along. What they learn will go farther if it’s shared with the friends they spend the most time with.

Just as important, if you’re an adult, look for ways to show the children in your church and neighborhood the love of Christ. Only some of us are called to serve in VBS or children’s Bible studies, but all of us are called to show children the hope offered in Christ. This can be done in little passing conversations or more intentional moments.

We all can think of that person who impacted our young lives. Don’t forget to return the favor.

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Jason and his wife DeAnne have 3 kids and have called the River Region home most of their lives. A former Family & Student Minister who, together with DeAnne, launched KeepSharing LLC to publish local family and faith resources across Alabama and the Florida Panhandle.

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