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May 3, 2023

RRC: As Pike Road High School’s tennis coach and a volunteer at Century Church with children’s ministry, how do you guide our youth towards Christ?

MW: I try to instill in the kids values they can carry with them their whole life. Even when things in their life might appear gloomy, there’s a way to handle every situation. For example, controlling your anger no matter how upset you get. In the children’s ministry, we help the kids learn and find Bible verses by going through the table of contents and being able to search for verses at a young age. We also pray with them, use games to learn about Jesus and teach them the value of the written word.

RRC: From personal experience, is Christ- like service quick and easy, or does it require planning, and often unconventional?

MW: I think it can be both. Sometimes it takes careful planning to take a step or a leap to help someone. Other times it can be as easy as seeing a need and stepping in. I think it can be simple things like cleaning the table after dinner and showing that it’s our responsibility to show others love by doing the right things.

RRC: Does godly service usually have a start and stop or a beginning and ending to the service?

MW: If a person is fully committed to helping others and being a Christian, serving is a gift, and I don’t think it has to end. People are always in need, whether it’s in your workplace or other service areas.

RRC: How intentional are you about preparing yourself spiritually for ministry in the workplace?

MW: One of the best ways is to start your day with prayer and reading the word of God. My “grow group” at church is going through the one-year Bible, so every day I wake up and read a portion. It’s a 365-day journey that helps prepare me for the work week.

RRC: When challenges arise working with the community as the owner and broker of Wallace and Moody Reality, how does your faith sustain you?

MW: As a business owner, I conduct myself professionally, take a deep breath and try to see both sides to every situation. I try never to lose my temper and always do what is right. I value my business and the customers I serve, so I try to give myself and others grace, too. It’s just as important to listen as it is to act.

RRC: You grew up and were baptized at Eastern Hills Baptist Church. How did that shape you into the Christian you are today?

MW: It was a step I took to show my commitment to Christ and something I have remembered my whole life. I try to be the best person I can be each day. I treat others with kindness, grace, and respect. I’d like that to be reciprocated to me as well.

RRC: What part might the Holy Spirit have in helping us to be “aware” of others?

MW: The Holy Spirit is our guide in everyday life. I believe situations will arise weekly, and the Holy Spirit can give you that nudge to help or do the right thing. It can bring truth to many circumstances and teach us boundaries and self-control throughout our daily lives.

RRC: How are you encouraged and/or challenged by God’s word?

MW: The word of God is our guide. It shows us what’s right and wrong in our everyday life. It challenges me to be a better person. It also helps me overcome difficult obstacles in life or with another person, and encourages me to avoid holding grudges against anyone.

RRC: What advice would you give someone looking for a deeper connection with God but finding it challenging to build a relationship?

MW: I think it’s essential to find a church home. It helps you connect with others and continue building that relationship with Christ. I also believe it’s important to get into a small group and meet with others seeking the same thing you are seeking. When you’re among a group of like-minded individuals who desire the same in their hearts as you, it encourages you more throughout your spiritual journey. Also, reading the Bible and learning about God’s word can be essential to your life if you’re willing to embrace it.

Matthew Wallace has been married to Larra Wallace for 18 years. They have three children: Luke (11), Cade (8), and Gray (4).

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