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February 2, 2022

A few years ago, while driving to church, one of our children decided to express thoughts about some of the activities at church and how boring they all were. Afterwards, our other child said, “Well, it is Church, so get used to it.”

Isn’t it sad that many adults feel the same way? Would you agree or disagree? Would you try to defend boring as good or perhaps explain why your church isn’t boring?

I couldn’t help but be reminded of this story as a point of contrast to the final sentence of Jesus’ most famous sermon, The Sermon On The Mount. It reads,

“And when Jesus finished these sayings, the crowds were ASTONISHED at His teaching, for He was teaching them as one who had authority, and not as their scribes.”

Matthew 7:28-29

And this isn’t the only place where it says people were astonished by Jesus’ teaching. It’s actually the common response. In chapter 7 of The Book of John, officers sent to arrest Jesus disobeyed their orders because,

“Never did a man speak the way this man speaks.”

Jesus’ teaching doesn’t sound BORING to me. How about you?

Even when others shared the teachings of Jesus after his return to Heaven, people were still amazed.

When the Apostle Paul spoke to the Roman Governor of Cyprus, Acts 13 reports he “believed when he saw what had happened, being amazed at the teaching of the Lord.”

The message Jesus graciously shared with the world is FAR FROM BORING!

Yet, I’ve been bored with Christianity in seasons of my life. The warmness in my heart towards the Lord has grown cool at times. My reasons vary, but none of them have or ever will discredit the amazing truths and hope of Jesus’ message.

Are you bored or apathetic towards the Lord? Don’t allow those feelings to tell you a lie about Him.

Instead, can I ask you to turn back towards Jesus with a prayer that He’ll help you see afresh His teachings with amazement?

To see and cherish the hope we have when we stand in Him as our Redeemer, Friend, and Lord. Where the burden of our moral attempts and failures no longer holds us captive and weigh us down. Making us free to love our enemies and bless our world with the fruits born of His Spirit… alive in His children.

“Lord, Amaze Us Again!”

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Jason and his wife DeAnne have 3 kids and have called the River Region home most of their lives. A former Family & Student Minister who, together with DeAnne, launched KeepSharing LLC to publish local family and faith resources across Alabama and the Florida Panhandle.

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